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Found 12 results

  1. Yet again, we find our hasty, hubristic High Elf heroine Aramelith forging headlong into an epic battle. This time she takes the business to Walther, who certainly has a few a few tricks of his own waiting for her. I fear that she left so hurriedly that I failed to remind her to take any health potions or do some research as to what she was getting into this time. Oh well, let us hope that her youthful impetuousness does not get the better of her this time.
  2. In this installment of Boss Monster Battles with Aramelith we find her boldly and bravely going into a life of death struggle with no other than the Dark Prince. The suspense is palpable, so let us see what transpires in this exhilarating, vile, and malevolent confrontation.
  3. In this video edition of Boss Battles with Aramelith The High Elf, we find her rushing bravely into a fateful fray with Narmul The Phoenix. This is her first encounter with a fearsome and mighty Ice & Blood Boss creature. Will she prevail or does her journey here end in her demise in this cold, lonely place, surrounded be the evil creature's previous opponents, now mere frozen statues surrounding his icy domain? Note: Narmul uses an attack similar to Dragon Strike but does ice damage and an attack similar to Incendiary Shower but does ice damage. He also has a trap that drains a player's Combat Art energy, and power that pulls the player towards him.
  4. In this installment of Boss Monsters of Ancaria we find the brazen, indefatigable, High Elf Aramelith encountering the Spider Boss. Additional: A Boss Creature was added in the Community Patch as a continuation of the chain quest beginning with "Save My Cows." After finally getting the key and destroying all of the spiders inside one is directed to kill the real root of the problem, Shelob, the Spider Boss. Upon reporting back to Skooks Corner the reward is well worth the trouble.
  5. Here is where the build gets interesting as our heroine, the High Elf Aramelith ignores the warning of a veritably terrified human, boldly goes into an eerie cave to defeat an unspeakable monster, The Banshee.
  6. This High Elf Build is proving to be quite sound, indeed. Here The Single Buff, Mystic Stormite High Elf may be witnessed soundly defeating Terus, General of the Undead Legion, without use of any healing potion. Verily, using but a Single Buff, Crystal Skin, she completes the battle against the general and his minions quite rapidly.
  7. Here's another good example of how well a Single Aspect/Single Buff (Crystal Skin) Mystic Stormite High Elf build is successful at Niob level. She defeats Ghanka handily without use of even a single health potion.
  8. In this video we witness a Single-Buff High Elf quickly dispatching the End Bosses with her devastating Glacial Thorns in order to to make her way to the Niob level. Now it gets very serious, indeed.
  9. The High Elf takes on the Nameless Guardians with only a single buff using glacial thorns.
  10. Here the Single Buff Mystic Stormite High Elf is seen battling the braggadocios Dragon-boss Xanthiar with her devastating Glacial Thorns.
  11. This is my newest custom build. Here we see a level 57 Silver High Elf battling Thranak, the Mad Ogre Of SchlunZum. She is a single aspect Mystic Stormite using Crystal Skin as her single Buff.
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