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Eye of the Storm v2.0

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info for 360 players!


according to the wiki;



Combo execution speed is always determined by your attack speed (even if the only Combat Art in the combo is a "spell".)


Now, that means that the choice for Frenetic Fervor's casting speed vs attack speed mod might make more sense to pick attack speed.

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So I've just finished silver difficulty with this build and I gotta say, it rules. I never spent more than 2 minutes fighting a boss and most fell within 30 seconds. Thanks!


Just a question though. How soon should I be venturing into each difficulty? I'm currently level 37. Is it too soon for gold?

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ok, so I have 'version' of this build at 82 now.




1. +all skills rings are far more important to a hybrid than to a more focused character. I find that upgrading all skills rings every 5 levels or so makes a difference.


2. Mastering Consituition early might be a mistake. High Hitpoints are WONDERFUL as is the safety net of HP/regen -*but* damage mitigation unlocked from Armor Lore 75, combines with they synergy of toughness is really hard to beat. As it stands, I won't have Armor lore mastery until mimimum level 88.


3. Leave GI Focus at 75 so you have skill points to get a few other masteries. Just use all skiills/items to raise it's level. When you feel comfortable with the rest of your skills, you can dump points into back into GI Focus.


4. Plan ahead the mods that YOU will find essential. Since you will be leaving many many aspects "partially funded" for a long time.



Here are the changes I made, and the reaons. I'll list mistakes I made to.


- I took Nefarious Netherworld Lore instead of Asute Supremacy Focus: This one I stand by. NNs Combat Arts are much weaker than AS Combat Arts, the need the lore help. I kinda wanted to see if there were any other hidden effects in Lore too (like ghosts doing more damage, or Paralysing Dread having more of an affect.

Folks might ask: "dosen't this limit the levels of Combat Arts you can use too much? Not really. I'm using level 15 Combat Arts right now, and 26 or 27 is the highest level I could go without penalty. I imagine if I had focus and not Lore I could go up to 40, but the damage would be lower. And for the reflects, they peter out around 70%. I am at 50% now.



- I modded Dislodge Spirit fro Ice DoT rather than further redcution of attributes: "Wrong" the damage is still sub par, and I would have gotten more out of stacking the attribute reduction. Bummer. My only defense was that I was stuck on the carnach in silver when I was low level, and made that choice to try and help kill him.


- I modded Reverse Polarity with Sphere instead of Spell reflect: This one I think is a push. Sphere is cranking allmost 600 damage per tick, passively, and as Purifying Chastisement Growths, so will it's damage. For bosses, I'm locking them down Inexorable Subjugation, so they get very few shots off.

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Hey guys, long time player, lurked the forum years ago, now back for another swing at an inquisitor using the CM patch 1.6 and a couple of mods.

Just reading through some builds to refresh my memory a bit, and this one looks closest to what I ran way back on console.

I've read through some comments, and it seems like others can see all 10 skills and MT's Wisdom, for some reason, I only see the 5 below.

I'm trying to compare what I've chosen for skills vs what was chosen here, however I only see 5 skills in the skills section, I cannot see the other 5.

Concentration - 75

Constitution - 75

Toughness - 75

Astute Supremacy Focus - 100 

Nefarious Netherworld Focus - 55 

Those are the 5 I can see, with descriptions as well, I'm guessing those are the skills MT chose for levels 18 through 65.

From my own take and hints I picked up through the thread (thanks to SolomonGrundy for asking so many good questions, honestly I think my recall is nearly sparked enough hehe), I assume the picks for 2 through 15 are:

2 Dual wield



8 Armor Lore

12 Combat Disc

I think I pretty much have the build I want to make sorted for the most part (going to use EE right off the bat, so I do know there are game changes I'll need to take into account anyway, so following this guide exactly won't work anyway).

Does anyone have access to the explanations for the skills I'm missing?  Not looking for a 100% hand hold or anything, just want to read through as much of the resident Inquisitor expert's thoughts as I can ;)

Thanks everyone, hehe, sorry to necro the living hell out of this :)

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