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Just thought of a new twist, after last night run to Niob that Knuckles ran for me. Id like to change my sig from Ancarian Spandex to either C.R.I.T, or Campaign Runner in Training. and in the back ground instead of Ancarian Spandex in the wavy banner do the opposite of the main title.


Can it be done oh mighty OZ?

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Aha! I knew I was forgetting a post somewhere. :drool:


Totally possible Furian. Yah know... If you're able to take a nice shot of your Shadow Warrior I could replace the center piece of the sig with your own bust. :) Try to get the same angle as is the present bust in your sig if you can. make it more personal for yah.

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Thx, glad you haven't started workin on this. I have a new idea that I'm working on. Just need to get all the pictures together. A mirage of three dead dragon heads with a pic of Ghost in the foreground. I have pics of a few dead dragons but they aren't that good yet. I'll kill a few more and get everything together.

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And I promise *holds his hand over the stove with the freshly baked Zombie Cookies* I'll follow the rules and make it out alive. Maybe even with a good story to tell.

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Ah! I see what you're after. I think we'll need a re-shoot for the dragons though. What I'd need is a High graphics setting full screen pic of the three dragons and at particular angles. You did an awesome job providing optionally angled captures and we just need to tweak them a bit. Here's what I suggest.





That shot is the closest to what I would be needing. Only thing I'd ask on it's re-shoot is that pictures without GUI be used. Print Screen will take the pics without GUI and they are placed in your .../Pictures/Ascaron folder. Again, the angle of the shot is. Two other requests to add to the no GUI though. Turning off grass would be helpful so that I can more easily cut out the dragons. 3rd thing is to try and capture the dragons entire body. The wings are a bit clipped off and while making the sig I might need those wing tips. Never know when creating eh. ^^ Two dragons with that angle would be good. The other, center, dragon should be a head on view like the below:




When you use Print Screen your pics will be saved as TGA and I'd prefer them in that format. Sending them that way is a bit more tricky. What you can do is put the images in a folder, compress them and then upload the to MediaFire. Then just pass me the link to download them. :D


One last thing is to try to take pics of dragons without your Shadow Warrior in front of them. I'll be overlaying a pic of your Shadow Warrior into the sig after the dragons have been placed. Oh, and we'll be using a Knuckles trick to get a nice shot of your Ghost Shadow Warrior. ^^



See you on the servers.




If you play in SP you can pause the game to take your pics of dragons.

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Ok boss, I can do this. But .... Splain to me the knuckles trick? And I agree about running this on SP, just in case of a misfire. I'll also get pics of them alive too that might be cool for the imagination to. I'll get started after work tonight. Might have to enlist Loco with the picture quality and downloads. He's a better shutterbug than I.

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Sounds good Furian. The trick I mentioned is a bit hard to explain without actually showing but essential it's the "mountain climbing" trick. Cept this time we'll need to use it in a cave. Another one of Knuckles' tricks. :sick:

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If you play in SP you can pause the game to take your pics of dragons.


Doh! that was under our noses the whole time. And to think Furian killed all those poor dragons over and over for a pic when 1 would do. Well he is definitely my point man on dragon runs from now on. I'll just stand behind him and watch. *sheds a tear for all the fallen loco's those dragons made a meal out of*

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Ok so I have the pics we took into a file, used winzip to compress, uploaded to MediaFire.


Nice! Ghost 2 is perfect. :P




Ok Schot I got new pics, let me know if more of differant are needed.

Mob Pics


Very nice Furian. I'm looking over them now. :D

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