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[Editor's Guide] Editing Item Stat Pictures

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I always save my graphs on wiki as PNG :mellow: .

Well, they are not very huge-sized (about 25 kb).

As I understand, GIF file has less weight then the same picture as PNG?

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Mind you, it's just a lot of words. I was taught to write the instructions in a way so that even the most random man could understand them, that's all. In practice, it's 3 minutes work per pic for me. Uploading them to the wiki actually takes longer. But then again, I'm an accomplished Photoshop user... maybe for other people it really does not look like something simple and fast to do.


On other hand, just running the game with old interface and 1280 width takes care of the size for narrow items. Then using Flood Fill on the background to make it uniform. And saving with proper settings. That would pretty much do the trick, not exactly with the same quality, but good enough. I don't like it because Flood fill tends to eat font details and you end up with a framed pic that you then frame again for the wiki page. And GIF compression tends to be slightly worse for such pics. I usually get them down to 6-10 KB, with Flood Fill it's twice the amount. But it's a faster way to get a GIF with uniform BG.

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