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How clumsy can a Scam be?

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I just "survived" an extremely clumsy Scam attempt. I got a phone call from an unlisted, unidentified number from a young male. He identified himself only as my "grandson". When asked which one, he elaborated by claiming to be my "oldest grandson". When I cautiously said, "O ... K ....", he said, "You know I'm in Vegas now."


When I said ,"No", he said, "That's why I'm calling, I need money."


As soon as I said, "Sorry, I can't do that." the connection was cut, presumably so he could dial his next victim.


Here is one of the responses from another forum where I posted this:

Posted on 5/31/2014

My bosses' family had two such calls recently. The first was to their elderly parents; supposedly the grandson was in jail and needed bail money. When the grandfather said it didn't sound anything like his grandson, the caller explained he was 'shook up' from being arrested. Suspicious, the grandfather hung up and called his son (my boss); the grandson works at the nursery alongside his father.


The second call I took about a month later; their home phone rings over to the nursery as a second line, and is answered as their residence if the nursery line isn't being used. I answered "so-and-so's residence". This time it was "my" son, since I answered the phone, who was in jail; he must have quite the record. He was also standing across the room from me. "Hang on a second," I said into the receiver, then yelled across the room loud enough for the caller to hear, "Hey, Matt! I've got you on the phone, and need to know how much your bail is!"


The caller hung up.

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That second quote was a hilarious fail.


Anyway, it’s a classic scam aimed at gullible old people who don’t double-check their data... or have too many grandkids.

That was a smart play on your part. But should you end up in this situation again, play along, ask for specifics, write them down, then call the cops.


Other variations of the scam include "I’m an officer of the law and your kid has caused a major car accident. You’ll need to bribe me right now for his charges to be dropped."

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... "I’m an office of the law and your kid has caused a major car accident. You’ll need to bribe me right now for his charges to be dropped."

My reply, "Sorry, but my kids need to serve some time. Call me in a few years when their time is up. Meanwhile you can support them."
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