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Difficulty game gold and platinum, with the Temple Guardian and seraphim, faced with such a problem, drops very large amount rare blunt weapons, and swords almost dont drops above the blue-quality, two-handed swords do not fall at all ... your comments.

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Hey guys, do we have a link to the item editor on our forum? I just found that little gem a few days ago. I'll tell you what, that thing makes the game so much easier! I've never had much luck getting Holy Wrath to drop. But man, after having found the item editor, stuff like that no longer matters.

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The possibility of weapon drops depends on the weapon specific skills the character has, for example a character with the "Sword Lore" skill is supposed to get more swords than a character without this skill. Though I'm not sure if this feature works correctly in I&B - I remember getting polearms and two-handed swords with dual wielding characters more often than with polearm specialists.


I double checked the scripts - the swords are included into the same number of droplists as clubs and axes, so by rights they should be just as common. That is, unless there is some trouble with calling on those droplists, but even if it's so, such troubles with the game behavior are usually hardcoded and can't be fixed by mods or CM Patch.


As for getting unique swords - they should be more rare now, because the game tends to drop non-set uniques less frequently than set items, and sets usually only include armor.

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