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  1. Ahh, thank you, Delta, I forgot the most important two words in that story: store-bought. That ravioli changed the way I think about store-bought ravioli, which is a big deal in my house. I have a picky five year old, as five year olds can be. The thing with mine is that he won't eat fast food, nor will he eat things that taste store-bought. That's slightly problematic at the moment, as I broke my leg badly. So, technically, I didn't pick the ravioli up, Jenn did; I saw it while she was Facetiming me from the grocery store. Anyway, Connor won't eat things that taste store-bought, which is kind
  2. I just had the absolute best ravioli! A package caught my eye in the fridge section; it was called Giovanni Rana. The package said something like "Italy's most loved", and I thought "well, crap, that's a pretty darn big claim, man!" All I can say is good heavens, this stuff makes every other ravioli I've ever had seem like Chef Boyardee. I needed that, because I was watching the most disappointing movie I've ever seen while eating it; Bill and Ted Face the Music. It's not even that Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves were bad; it's their daughters, man! They were one dimensional, over-the-top jokes.
  3. I've got something slightly comical. I was over at a friend's house, the news was on the tv. They censored out someone's last name, my friend's kid (maybe like 8 or 9) heard that, and said "whoa, Ryan, that girl's name is bad words!" I laughed and explained why the news does that some times. The boy said "oh.... I wish my name was bad words." I found that funny; what profanity does a child that age know? I made the mistake of asking what he'd like his name to be; he uttered a sequence of words, some of which I'm going to have to look up on urban dictionary since they're new to me. But I learne
  4. Last Man on Earth is a dumb comedy series with Will Forte, gogo. You haven't heard of it because it sucks. Good God, does it suck. A virus does kill off most of humanity, but there aren't cannibals, vampires, zombies, etc. Will Forte spends like five minutes in the first episode looking for people, then, because he's a selfish butt, starts enjoying being alone. He stumbles into Kristen Schaal's camp, and they slowly discover a small group of people. These people wander around, being goofballs. The show is wildly unrealistic and isn't even well-written. But I watch it because I like dumb comed
  5. Currently, I'm just watching Last Man on Earth. But I am so beyond excited; the new Bill and Ted comes out August 28th.
  6. Old School shooter; I don't have much experience with those. The only ones I played were before we had auto aim and target lock-on. GearStorm doesn't have those, either; which I love. Auto aim, too me, is so immersion-breaking, unless I was the only one who wasn't issued auto-aiming technology in the military But this is so much more than a shooter. This is an open world sci-fi base building adventure rpg. Discover new lands, build new bases, populate new colonies, build and customize vehicles; that type deal.
  7. I've been doing quite a bit of GearStorm lately. https://store.steampowered.com/app/393800/GearStorm__Armored_Survival/
  8. I'm not playing anything atm, but I found a Youtube video of the first game I ever played:
  9. She's a Succubus, who's absolutely savage. Heads and body parts fly everywhere. The part that some don't like is if you die, you lose all your equipment that you entered the stage in. But there's an easy fix for that; learn the game. It takes a little bit to get used to, but it's very rewarding once you get used to the controls.
  10. Just won a free key to She Will Punish them; I plan on trying that, at least til Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.
  11. Sure did, saw them in Canton, Ohio. I'm not familiar with Glee, though, I'll have to do a search for that program.
  12. Awesome! I think my favorite concert.... was Journey, because I think Journey my favorite "any mood" band. It's hard for me not to crack a smile when I hear some of their music This one got me through some of the rougher patches in my military career. But this song ain't how I'm feeling at the moment. There are so many people chirping such a variety of different things about our current situation; I think I feel..... pensive, contemplative. My music for that mood sounds more like:
  13. Alright, I put three bands on there, and if I'm not mistaken, MTL is an abbreviation for Montreal. Also, if I'm not mistaken, all of these bands have played there. So, let's see if I can take an educated guess. I don't see you going to an Alice In Chains concert. I mean no offense at all, I just don't see you as an AIC fan. So, that whittles it down to Depeche Mode and The Cure. I could see you at a Cure concert, but my gut tells me you're talking about Depeche Mode. Correct?
  14. I'm going a little stir crazy. Normally, by this time of the year, I have my son's rockhounding sector of the sand pit zone in the backyard nicely raked out. I don't need him to follow in my footsteps, but I want him to have the opportunities I had, so I'll hide minerals and arrow heads and stuff in the sandy area of my backyard. When I was my son's age, dad would plow a few acres for corn, and have me go out to look for worms to fish later that evening. I've never enjoyed fishing that much, but I found a few arrowheads and a small quartz, and that sparked off all types of things for me. It go
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