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I [no longer] need a Windows 8.0 full install disk!


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An acquaintance of mine has an old 64-bit Windows Vista system. Since Vista is no longer being supported, he has to upgrade. I've tried to talk him into simply buying a new computer but he insists on upgrading instead.


I have looked everywhere I can think of for the proper software but the only OS I've been able to find for sale are Windows 7 (various flavors), Windows 8.1 (various flavors), and Windows 10 (same remark).


Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Windows 8.9 for a 64-bit system?

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The system it is to be installed on tests as not being compatible with Windows 8.1 but does test OK for windows 8.0. I'm hoping that, once Windows 8 is installed the system will update to 8.1 and then to 10.


It's a really old Windows Vista system though, so I'm not sure if it's capable of running any of the newer OSs fast enough to be useful. The owner doesn't want to buy another computer but Vista is no longer supported, so he can't even update his AV. :(

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Thanks all, no longer needed. My students son emailed me to let me know he was going to talk his father into getting a newer system, so the old one doesn't need to be upgraded.

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