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Lost 2 escort quest: minor bug


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Wasn't sure where to report this and it's quite difficult to search for so I figured it can have its own topic in spite of being a fairly minor problem.

The Lost 2 escort quest where you meet the sweary elven sprog outside the scorpion's lair who wants to be taken back home, which unusually for an elf is over in Turbak.  The problem occurs in that she stopped following as soon as I engaged the first enemies.  I fast-travelled to Turbak, something that's previously always been reliable with followers, and while the grey circle pointed to the middle of the settlement there was no conclusion and no elf to be seen.

Easily enough solved, I went back to the now deceased scorpion bad guy's lair where she was still stood with the "and now complete this quest" exclamation mark above her head.  So the quest is finished but I'd rather she was, y'know... not lost any more.  Oh well, I guess she can scare the local fauna away by yelling "crap!" at it.

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