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Clan D.a.r.k Sacred Guidelines for Overspawning

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Hey everyone!


With all of the latest talk regarding server disruptions via lag, mentioned both privately and publicly, we feel an approach needs to be taken. In an effort to maintain D.a.r.k's reputation as a clan that respects it's role in the community, while also empowering it's members with freedoms regarding their recreational game play, we now ask that all members of D.a.r.k only overspawn in private servers.


We understand that it is very difficult to gain experience quickly from the levels 140-216 and that this technique of overspawning can really help. We also understand however that this technique comes at a high price which results in server wide lag to anyone anywhere on that same server.


Overspawning in private servers will keep to a minimum the lag that can affect other players' games in a destructive manner. This will make clear to anyone that plays HC that Clan D.a.r.k Sacred members are making an effort to communicate to others that overspawning is in progress. Doing so will provide a level of transparency to everyone else we share the community with that server resources may be affected in the private server that is labeled accordingly to warn anyone else that Osing (Overspawning) is happening there.


Being a large clan on the Sacred servers means that we need to set a good example and when faced with a decision that can affect the entire community, not just D.a.r.k, it is imperative that a balanced decision is taken to the benefit of all. We hope that our stance regarding this activity which allows high level players to level easier in Niobium by using Osing communicates to others that if we are doing it we are attempting, as much as possible, to inform everyone else that server resources may be affected on a private and labeled server that D.a.r.k is Osing in.


In anticipation of questions relating to overspawning we take no decision on the use of Orlas, Fads or Icons. Rather we encourage D.a.r.k, and others, to be careful when using those items on servers that have others on it.

Eliminating lag is of course an impossibility because there are so many factors involved and so keeping it to a minimum is vital to the enjoyment of everyone who we share the servers with.


All of us are part of a unique clan that consistently attempts to redefine standards regarding respect, appreciation, and most importantly regarding our gaming.


Please help us maintain and strengthen the standards that have been crucial to the growth and success of our D.a.r.k family.


Have fun, and please, be careful of your neighbors.


Deepest respects,




Discussion thread for new Clan D.a.r.k Overspawning

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