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Does "Weakening the Abishai" actually spawn the weaker version?

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Checking Abishai out in the creatures.txt reveals that he has 2 definitions.

"NPC_BF_mastereye_boss" and "NPC_BF_mastereye_boss_easy".

The only difference between these 2 is that the easy variant is missing 2 spells:


Now, my question is, does completing the quest actually make the game spawn the "easy" version of Abishai when going to fight him, or is it just defined and never used. I never really took the time to try and spot a difference, if any. I could probably check in quests.txt if I knew my way around in that file but that's unfortunately not the case....

Because one could argue the "easy" variant is actually more difficult, because it loses 2 of the weakest spells at Abishai's disposal, leaving more room for him to cast his more deadly spells more often.

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Did some testing and it does indeed appear that completing the quest makes the "easy" version spawn. Abishai only ever uses 4 different traps instead of the full six.

Also noticed, the stat sheet of Abishai on the wiki says "Abishai of Conflict". But if you fight him after weakening him, it's actually Abishai of Dissension. Could probably be the easiest way to tell which one spawns.

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