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Fraps/VDub Quick tutorial for Sacred 2


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Yup! It's a quick one alright. This one's for you Antitrust. :( I know we've been needing one of these for a long time. If anyone has a suggestion on how to improve it I will be happy to adjust it. Pictures are on the way.


  1. Download VirtualDub
    ...if you haven't already. There is a 32 bit and a 64 bit version which you will see by clicking this link.

  2. Download and install lameACM-3.97.
    This in my experience is the best audio codec. Click this line to download it.

    Install it:
    • Right click it and unzip (there are three files inside: lame_acm.xml - lameACM.acm - LameACM.inf)
    • Right click on LameACM.inf and choose Install
    • Confirm it has been installed by opening VirtualDub and click Audio-->Full Processing Mode again click Audio-->Compression...
    • If you see Lame MP3 then you're good to go


[*]Click this line to Download and Install Xvid



[*]Start Fraps and then click Movies tab and set to:

  • Half-size
  • 30fps
  • Checkmark Record Sound
  • Use Windows Input
  • Checkmark no Cursor



[*]Start up Sacred 2:

  • Go to options and choose 1280x960. This way your Fraps video will end up being 640x480 which is prefect for Youtube and means less processing for VDub since it won't have to resize the video. As for the rest of the video settings choose best possible settings you can but make sure you do not experience video lag.
  • Start a character and create yer own action hero mofie!



[*]Do a quick check of the video you recorded. Double click it and see if sound and video are ok.



[*]Open VirtualDub and drag your fraps video into it:

  • Set up the Audio:
    • Click Audio-->Full Processing Mode
    • Click Audio-->Compression...
    • Select Lame MP3-->48000 Hz 192kbps CBR stereo 24KB/s (or VBR if that's what shows for you)

    [*]Set up the Video:

    • Click Video-->Compression...-->XviD MPEG-4 Codec and click Configure
    • Profile @ Level: Unrestricted
    • Encoding Type: Single Pass
    • Target Bitrate: 2000 (If you see Target Quantizer instead then click it once to change it to Target Bitrate)
    • Across from Quality Preset click "more..."
    • Motion Search Precision: Select 6-Ultra High
    • Click Ok 3 times and say there's no place like darkmatters, there's no place like... Ahem, whoops. hehe.
    • Click File-->Save as AVI

Woohoo! Yer done! Which means... I am too! Ok, I'mah goin to bed now. :o



To be updated with neato pics...

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  • 2 months later...

I am curious...

I have these two files downloaded on my desktop;but, what benefit to the actual "improvment" of Sacred2s' running any better(anythings an improvement..for me..) do these two programs give:) Plus, I'm having a bit of a problem gettin them "installed"... Tried following your advice as to installing them;but, some minor hiccups...

Just wondered,man.....


Ole' Joe :):P

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