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  1. Soulmancer

    It's possible to play on-line with CM patch?

    Is there a server emulator available that would allow us to run the CP on a player run closed server? Especially since the official servers are dead.
  2. While I do enjoy the combat music. It starts to get extremely repeatetive, as it's essentially playing the exact same 3 songs throughout the ENTIRE game... The battle music kicks in everytime I enter combat, which is 99% of the game, then cuts off abruptly as soon as the battle is over, only to re-start again 3 seconds later when I get into the next fight... Can you disable battle music without turning off the music entirely? The background ambient music is good but you NEVER get to hear it because you're always in battle... It'd be great if it was limited to boss fights, but having combat music play in these kind of hack n slash games is a bit over kill.
  3. Soulmancer

    Sacred 2 Mod Compilation - offered to community

    Why can I not find commonspeedcreatureinfo.txt anywhere? There is a creatureinfo.txt but it does not have the lines to edit walk/run speed
  4. Can this be controlled via a txt edit? While the re-spawn rate is ok in multiplayer, it's a little too quick in single player I find. Can the re-spawn rate be tweaked at all?
  5. Soulmancer

    Change enemy re-spawn timer?

    How do you change the duration of the enemy re-spawn rate/timer ... In single player this seems way to quick.
  6. Soulmancer

    Best way to improve FPS?

    It was entirly the PhysX... This game is not optimized to handle this... I can run everything at max settings including AA x4 and veritcal synch and maintain 50+ FPS ... That starting dungeon as a shadow warrior, with physX disabled I would get 60fps... Turn it on and I get 20fps ... No way should physx drop the fps that much with a Geforce GTX 280 video card... I'll just keep the physX off lol.
  7. I know this is done through balance.txt ... Not exactly sure what values control this. But how does monster auto-leveling work? I know monsters level up with you, but what determines there min and max level for the region?
  8. Soulmancer

    Server that uses the community patch?

    Yah I can understand that. it sucks that so many developers have this stance. It make sense in MMORPG's that have suscription fee's or cash shops but for games like Diablo and Sacred? Always piffed me off to see it imposed on these kind of games as some short-sighted tactic at combating piracy. In the long run it severely cuts the hands off moddability when they maintain strict control over there server and not allow any mods or community patches even after the game has been abandoned and yet tell us we can't run our own private modded server because people may have pirated the game and can use fake cd-keys to connect... So is there no official Open.net server for the community mod then that people play on? Great patch, but where/how does the online community play it? I want to play using it, but I don't want to play by myself.
  9. Soulmancer

    Server that uses the community patch?

    Well officially I guess you wouldn't be "allowed" I am just stating I highly doubt Deep Silver would care if you did... Surely there must be a closed server emulator for Sacred 2:) I had heard there were private servers for Sacred 2... Technically I am not allowed to run my Diablo 2: Hell Unleashed server according to Blizzard's ToS... But my community has done so for over 5 years without ever having an issues with Blizzard, along with many others who run mods on private servers because much like Sacred 2's CM patch, you cannot play mods on the official b.net closed servers... Blizzard has turned a blind out to private closed servers for the purpose of mods and total conversions... So yes, technically you would not be allowed either if Deep Silver has stated that, I am just saying that if you chose to do it I am willing to bet a thousand dollars they wouldn't care or try and shut it down... For a few reasons. 1.) The game has been abandoned by developers... there are no more official updates and patches, they don't even have an official forum or website. you just get re-directed to the original site/forum... Furthermore looking at the Deep Silver website in North America, they don't even acknowledge they even have a game called Sacred 2 at all. And if you hosted a server in NA that would be a loop hole. 2.) They will not allow mods or community patches on the official server. 3.) The private server would be for use of mods and community patches, not to endorse piracy 4.) Sacred 3 is currently in development So yes, I am not saying Dark Matters is technically allowed to run a private server. I am just saying it is highly unlikely Deep Silver would care if you used an emulator to do it anyway... Then you could have your own closed server with the community patch and a united community... I did the samething for Diablo 2, otherwise my mod Hell Unleashed would never have been completed or grown as popular as it is today... I am very interested in the community patch for Sacred 2, but I don't see the point given that Sacred 2 is essentially an online game and limiting it strictly to Single Player, LAN and Open.net will hold it back given that it requires pre-arranging all online play with people in advance as opposed to just hopping online and LAN or Open.net has no defense against cheaters because anyone can simply edit their character... So yah, I'm not saying it would be allowed, but Deep Silver would more then likely turn a blind eye if you did and it would benefit the community a lot rather then having closed.net limited to a world the developers have long since abandoned... I'm not sure, just trying to give you some food for thought... If Deep Silver is saying they wont host the community patch, nor will they continue to improve the game I really don't see why there would be any problem... I don't see why Deep Silver would care about this when they clearly don't even care about the game itself.
  10. Soulmancer

    Server that uses the community patch?

    Oh, bleh that sucks... So they won't allow the CM patch to run on their servers, nor will they let us run a private server to utilize it? Can't imagine why they would care given that the developers have long since abandoned the game and there are no more official updates... Is that also the policy of Dark matters as well, not to support private servers? I know Blizzard private servers are against there ToS... But our community has ran a private server for close to 5 years for my mod Hell Unleashed; something Blizzard has long been aware of but have never had issues with it or contacted me in regards to it... From my past experience dealing with private servers, companies are primarly concerned with by-passing the cd key requirements or suscription fees for online play, but often turn a blind eye to private servers for the purpose of community mods... It would strike me as odd that Deep Silver would even care given they wont endorse the community patch on their own server and aren't doing anything to evolve the game any further, not too mention Sacred 3 is being developed... Hell Deep Silver doesn't even have an official site or forum for Sacred 2... it just re-directs you to the old one. Shows how much they are interested in this game. I just don't see the point in the community patch if there is no unified online multiplayer community for it given that Sacred 2 is essentially an online game... I love the community patch, but I want to be able to play online with other people on the fly... It's a hassle to have to pre-arrange games via open.net or LAN... not to mention anyone can just hack their characters and cheat...
  11. Ok, I have Blood & Ice installed with the latest patch. I cranked up the settings all to max and turned everything on... Something I can do in most games without any issue... I have windows 7, 64 bit.. A Geforce GTX 280, 4 gigs of ram and running a Quad Core at 3.4... In the game I am getting around 25 FPS on average which is pretty horrible... What settings in game are the biggest drain on FPS that I should tweak? EDIT: Apparently AA and vertical sync destroy FPS in this game... I can maintain 60 FPS with AA x2 and veritcal sync off... Try it with AA x4 and Vertical sync on and it town areas my FPS will sink as low as 20... Is this normal? I know vertical sync and AA can cause a performance hit, but really?
  12. Soulmancer

    Server that uses the community patch?

    The community doesn't run it's own private server for the CM patch? I'm a little shocked by this!
  13. Is there an online server that utilizes the community update so we can play with other people using it?
  14. Soulmancer

    AI mod for enemy behavior?

    Is there any type of AI that makes enemy behavior a bit more interesting? Would go along way to improving the fun factor of the gameplay.