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  1. Another book that "could have been" - had Prince Valor lived long enough to put it out there. Green Ancaria A quick note to all of the heroes running around the kingdom these days... PLEASE pick up all of the stuff that your enemies drop when you kill them. In the wake of the recent undead uprising, there have been a lot of casualties and consequently, the kingdom has become cluttered by lots of useless swords, axes, armor and other gear that quite frankly, is becoming an eyesore.
  2. There are a lot of books in Sacred, but you gotta think there could have been a few more... Like this one: Oblivion Armaments The Oblivion Armaments initiative was an experiment by Comrade Chancellor Vladimir DeMordrey during the reign of Aarnum III. Chancellor DeMordrey, being typically power hungry as most of his lineage, decided to bring together all of the blacksmiths, sword, bow and armor makers to flood the market with cheap weapons and armor in a bid to raise an army to take over Ancaria. The sales pitch for these products was: “Our Weapons Will Send Your Enemies to Oblivion
  3. Yes! I was wondering that very thing. I love Sacred 2 as much as Sacred 1, but it does lack that coherence. What I love about Sacred 2 is the gameplay. There are certain areas that I find awesome, but the game world as a whole doesn't blow me away. And the class choices, although super cool individually, do feel like a bit of a grab bag. They were, perhaps, a bit more unified in Sacred since they were modeled off of a number of classes that were going to be available to the player in Armalion. But whew. I was just reading the lore page for Sacred on the Wiki. It's a real head scratcher. Th
  4. So.. I came across another use of the word schniepel today... Seems there's a schniepel that has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame... Who knew..? FWIW, they claim to be a "grindcore" band.
  5. True. But I only had their voices to go by. Google wasn't much in the way of help on the spelling front.
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