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  1. The legendary bratwurst

    The other recipes need to wait abit my school schedule is really busy D: So I can't be online that much D: sometimes on school like now. So yeah gonna go off now teacher is watching me now behind my back D: Good day all
  2. The legendary bratwurst

    we just let it bring it to us (netherlands) it's a friend of the german friends so they do bring it to us. Germans rule XD
  3. The legendary bratwurst

    There from the DDR (eastern part) They are real gourmets and make great cooks. There in the same village as me, @chatius well you have the easy and the extensive ways. There are many ways to cook it and this one I love the most and it's the easiest. Soon I will post a delicous apple pie from my mom recipes : D @Furian67 I don't really know what you mean but I think if you ask for a currywurst or a bradwurst he knows what it its. With christmass we always import german bratwurst, I'm going to try and create a 1 meter long kit-kat that is gonna be hard. You americans have it easy with your giant refigritors D:
  4. The legendary bratwurst

    I ate the last ones D: I will make some tomorrow when I'm done with school then make pics. and make some moar : D so wait till tomorrow. It tastes great try it out : D Idea from my parents I also have one of a delicous apple pie, but I need to ask my mom for the info on it. It involves malibu (alchahol) it's best aplie pie ever : D if I get the info I will post it. I need to bake one when a friend of mine hits level 130 on another game XD
  5. Gaming rigs

    @Timotheus I wasn't trying to attack you D: you have a nice gear but I just wanted to help D: Oh well : D I always pirate my windows more of ubuntu type myself but I can't game with it. But imo vista isn't really good so if it was up to me I would say stay to xp : D
  6. The legendary bratwurst

    Edit on request~ My parents are befriend with a few germans and like most of you know german bratwurst is the best : D When your on festivals and eat bratwurst there and then try to get the ones from a local store there not even near as good. They learned me a way how to make it really great. things you need: A pot with cheap beer or water. Bratwurst (try to get it at local supermarket). Something that can grill I use something like this. A microwave. A lil bit of curry(supermarket stuff works) and something you can put the curry in that can survive a microwave. (I use a hard plastic lil round cup thingie) How to make it, -Boil the wurst in a pot with the cheap beer or water for about 5-8 minutes (thanks czevek and kriv) -Turn on the grill thingie and wait till it's warm enough. -put bratwurst between gril and close it. -Keep turning the bratwurst around when you think it's warm enough on one side (remember your grilling it) -when the bratwurst is done put the curry in something that can survive a microwave. -warm it up for 1 to 1:30 minutes till you have warm curry: -Spread the curry over the bratwurst and enjoy. When grilled it tastes the best of all and with warm curry the spices of the curry give a great kick to the taste. Great to be used with gaming if you dont spill on your keyboard like me D: Have fun and if you have questions ask me. If you get a strange mutant alien disease D: don't sue me.
  7. I only need 3 for now so I'm gonna do it as my level 12 skill the finish dmg would help alot in mass kills on mob train. And it's just awesome I'm gonna go abit off build and give my own touch for it sacrife a bit of cooldown for bigger dmg etc. Let's see how that will turn out btw what is meant with niob shopper etc could someone redirect me to a dictionary thread for the meaning of certain words or if not create one it would be really helpfull for beginning player.
  8. Gaming rigs

    @Timotheus I would upgrade 3x1GB Corsair DDR2 to a 2x2GB or 1x4GB DDR3 if you got the money it will run abit faster. If you get new fans I don't know if you have case cooler but I would recommend a overclock and windows 7 64 bit to get the maximum preformance. Like locolagarto mentioned windows 7 works best, you have a nice rig overall. I'm gonna create a new case, I'm gonna sandpaper the case and spray it black and make custom logo on it. Furthermore I need abit of case design I'm trying to get a "kuroFECAL MATTER!suji" (anime) style case, I know an airbrusher but I need to have awesome design. I will post the case that I'm gonna mod later it has neon lights in it : D I noticed that sh*t is cencored the name of the anime is kurosh*tsuji and kuro means black sh*t suji butler so it wasn't wasn't meant as an insult D:
  9. Gaming rigs

    Must have took you along time, installing 3 differnent OS. Overall windows 7 has better preformances cause of the advanced cpu usement. It is designed for multi core CPU's and can fully utilize them. Vista can fully utilize dual core but not quad core and xp well, pentium 4 ftw? My laptop can run sacred 2 on elite but on some parts its a bit laggy. So I keep it at low and use my pc for the high/elite graphs. put the 2 of them together and you will see the difference keeps amazing me the differnce between low/high graphics
  10. Uhm hi all?

    I have been thinking a bit. Im gonna keep a low cooldown on the SI for mass zombie army I love that. and dual wielding : D well its saturday night im at friends house and I'm gonna go closed net now. For all you wondering what my ingame name is Wolf of sin well I might see you in game. Have good saturday evening all
  11. I have a regen for 11 seconds now on the tornado>lighting I upgraded it cause it didnt kill fast enough. I'm waiting till I can add a 3rd atack in my combo slot what level is that cause I really want to finish with the corpse explosion. I'm almost 10 and killing is going pretty fast only I cant 1 hit trainmob anymore now D: need to finish em off with melee.
  12. Gaming rigs

    Neko nya nya~ It's AMD and you got same sort grahpic card only a bit lower. My pc has asus cooler case works great 35 degrees in summer (airco in my room ftw.) I had ubuntu and I loved it problem is DX I couldn't render games normally etc. So I have dual boot on pc now for school and movies etc ubuntu for gaming W7. Like I said pirate a 7 but I don't think its allowed to post torrent links here and dont wanna get in trouble with a mod D: I will upload some pics of my pc and laptop to nothing special bout them but there pretty good both In room 2 sacreds 2's friend and I over closed net. Well I'm gonna blow up skellies again pretty nice rigs here.
  13. Gaming rigs

    Friend of my got the same computer housing its a godsend housing and really easy to clean to. Yealos of you gtx260, furhtermore nice rig gonna upload my pc sometime. It's more powerfull than my laptop (overclocked etc). I have mixed opions about the os. Vista in general is a ram sucker it sucks alot of ram and I only had bad experiences with it and I think you need to do some special things to get sacred 2 working in vista not sure. For xp well you need xp 64 bit if you want to fully utilize your ram (32 bit has a max ram of regonizing of 3GB). And to be honest xp 64 bits kinda fails with most programs. The choice is vista 64 bit or xp 64 bit they both fail for me but if I must choose vista 64 bit. The best choice is to get a copy of windows 7 64bit (pirate) it works like a charm on my pc and laptop. Also what I noticed with my video card if I get a 32 bit OS running on my laptop all my graphics of games go weird. Like in sacred 2 the cell shader goes crazy strange stripes all over the screen or in borderlands same problem. And you need to have 64 bit to utilize your ram to the fullest. If you have anymore questions ask away : D PS my display owns yours 28" full HD tv screen. For maximum gaming try plasma tv of 2 meter with dolby suround tried it once and only 1 word to say about it wow...
  14. Which is better mod for Dislodged Spirit?

    In a guide for the Inquisitor Someone tested it, with a level 200 no gear or extra stuff whatsoever. DS-Spite>Deprivation>Stim did about 7-8k dmg DS-gelidity>tort>wildfire 50k+ dmg If you want to know more about the skill mod look here: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacre...l_the_level_cap
  15. Gaming rigs

    Well I'm a nerd for computers and curios how people there gaming rigs are. I have a pc and a laptop I will post laptop now pc later, to post your gaming rig make a dxdiag (start>run>dxdiag>save> copy pasta here and voila) Here is the rig of my laptop. Machine name: L33T0P Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.100618-1621) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Micro-Star International System Model: MS-1688 Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Available OS Memory: 3886MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Card name: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 I want to overclock it and not overclock it. Main reason dont want to overheat my cpu. Why I want Reason:I want bbqing on my laptop.