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  1. Thanks I read the wiki pages about the CM patch but I miss that one. It looks like I could get close to what I want to achieve
  2. Not sure where to post that either but if somebody want I could post a more detailed version about why I tweak the Inquisitor this way and this, and why I would give him and remove that, etc. I had idea about this back in time, but I guess having quit the game for a while as make my idea more clearer, don't want to sound not humble or anything but I believe it's a good balancing of the class as a whole (there are stuff I would remove even though it's not stated in the post above).
  3. Hi you all. Long time no see. I used to play sacred 2 on console. For personal reasons I moved to the US in the process sold pretty everything I had. I found a sweet deal on newegg and now I've a laptop that is able to run game for 500$ Definitely not the race car among the gaming laptop but should get the job done. I'm currently playing Diablo III. I'm liking it but I find it different from either Titan quest and Sacred 2. I actually planning to get both those games. I'm a bit lost at the moment wrt where to buy Sacred 2 and it extension (which I never had the chance to experi
  4. edit error... Sorry As I did an error I'll use this post in some way. Just something I did not know and my be useful for Ink wannabe, when you dual wield CE hits twice but if you on your spider it hits only once. Basically for that build I'll ride my GI spider so I let some socket aside to use two handed sword which have nice wounding properties
  5. I hope you still read, I'll give up on the build I started as I though of something better and melee. Mostly it's about slashing but the only buff would Reverse polarity but will not be used early on. unmodified SR and PC can be used alternately wold be used in early level. The build will be (I think I'll give it a try ): Early level 1: GI focus 9 2: NN focus 9 3: Armor lore 5 4: Sword weapon 1 5: Tactic lore 1 ------------- 6: Barganing @ character level Basically Bargaining will become the main focus in skill point, The build will already be effective and his power will grow alon
  6. I like this idea of being a f***ed up hero that would be nice and allow some nice option in MP and bring some fresh air into the campaign
  7. Oh I completely agree with that, inventory is a mess, basically my chest is such a mess that I can't rely on it. It's such a pain to find an item in it...
  8. I've one question, what is the point to pump NN focus this high? Mastery to socketed jewelry should do the trick no? Other than that I toyed a bit yesterday to test how the FF resolve mod and PD confidence mod work together, I never did as PD is risky on console. I found that they work great together as no matter the order which you cast them FF resolve mod always multiples the bonus granted by PD which as I can read bunch of runes for those 2 CAs aleviate a lot the pb inquisitor can have to hit things
  9. Given the choice I would go for the PC version (I own the console version), plenty of bugs have been fixed, more content, more bosses. The console versions are badly bugged, blacksmith doesn't work, alchemy is unpractical, some CAs doesn't work as intended, on 360 no free online gaming, less unique, etc. There is also the issue about how you aim your CA, they did a good job but it's no where near as convenient as on PC and the choice they made can have significant effect on the damages output. On PC things are way better, it's even possible to accelerate (a cheat) the leveling speed whic
  10. Hi, I guess that you won't find a better answer than this one : http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/16012-toughness-vs-combat-reflexes-vs-spell-resistance/page__view__findpost__p__6898252 Edit link error...
  11. Sorry I'm not sure I understand what you're up to. Ancient magic affect your spells, IS is mostly your only damaging spell in the NN aspect. The same I don't understand why you take NN lore if you don't plan to rely on IS, the other spells main effect are not damages (ED damages are really low, PD does no damages, DS damages will be irrelevant vs your melee damages). I take it that you have a bargainer to provide you with +x to all skills because I ignore bargaining for a long while and clearly the benefit it can provide are nothing short of amazing. Really if you don't have one, take bargain
  12. After though. I you pass on modifying PD you will only need 70 points to mod SR IS and DS, you could pass on NN lore and replace it with Combat discipline. You could also mod CE before PC and RM and put CE, DS and IS in a combo. You would use RM not modified (which is not a critical point imho) you would dual wield for sure in this case. Mod order would be (ff first) CE: bleed /lacerate PC: complete RM: deprivation then it's a bit irrelevant as you please. Anyway tricky build I still not sure about how to go with it... The nature of Sr make those builds really problematic against toug
  13. Hi, You play on PC right? So you've access to ancient magic right? First to answer your question about mastery, no you need hard point into a skill to rip the benefit. Tactic lore point allow you to mod the GI aspect. I tried some builds a bit like that, I even tried a NN only (so don't use any CAs from other acpect even not modded). So far I've not been successful, but there are some console specific issues: PD is dangerous on console... really and too bad is a pretty potent spell, Ink can't take Ancient magic either. So about your build, I see some "non coherent choices" I migh
  14. I hope I'll get sucked as ARPG H&S is nowadays my prefered gaming genre The more good games available the happier I'm.
  15. Now to the defensive skills: I would not change much to the defensive skills aside the removing from shield lore as benefit could get ripped else). The change to the mastery system would be less drastic too. There would still be grades. For armors gear may ask for a given level of mastery to unlock some special properties but there would be no passive or active bonuses. Constitution each of the 5 passive bonus possible would grant 20% of your life regen while in combat. The main effect of the skill would be the same: more hit points, more regen). I would change Toughness mitigation
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