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  1. Although I posted this 2 years ago, I just bought Grim Dawn - the base game - a few days ago. It rocks, I really like it. The game feels a lot smoother than Titan Quest and the bounty system is an interesting take on grinding for a bit every sesh. Though it could have been a little more simple for my taste... As Knuckles mentioned, having to manage 10 resistances does get a little complicated. I managed to kill myself on my first playthrough (currently somewhere in act 3 I think?) to a looong patch of Aether where my potions weren't keeping up.
  2. Well I goofed up today! First off, hi everyone been a while... Just to be clear: I have a bit of a sweet tooth. During my lunch break I went for a walk, ended up at a grocery store picking up a bag of sugar free candies. Seemed a little healthier than a regular bag of sweets. Well, maybe it would be - if I could control myself. By the time I pretty much polished off the entire bag (I love that saying by the way) while working, my belly had been rumbling. That had me wondering. And actually reading the label. Why yes, the baggy told me, you, my good sir, are a moron because consuming copious amounts of these sweets will work as a laxative it's been 5-6 hours and I'm still not OK send help
  3. The racing setup is currently disconnected @gogoblender because we need the room to house my mother in law for a bit. We've actually had to rearrange our "office space" for it so she has some room to herself. It was a fun weekend, thankfully not the 31 degrees Celsius it is now but it was humid yesterday. Exciting race though! Now a last day to chill out and get ready to go back to work again.
  4. Well Floor Jansen will be singing our national anthem on Sunday so I’ll be fine We’re staying in a hotel in Haarlem, which is fairly close to the track. Don’t get the fuss with Dillenburg either chattius, those people must have a terrible sense of direction since the track is on the opposite side of our little country…
  5. *stumbles in* Hi all, been awhile work has been non-stop after our summer holiday, thankfully me and the missus have tomorrow off... We'll be spending the weekend away from home because the Dutch GP is this weekend! It will be our second time @ the Dutch GP, and our third F1 race we'll see live. Really looking forward to spend a few days away and outside, the weather will be lovely as well. Have a nice weekend everyone
  6. Difficult to say, since it also seems to affect the rock formations. I prefer the look of the rocks in the first pic. But I like the brown tone to the path in the second. Maybe try somewhere in between here? Or give it a darker brown hue?
  7. Feel free to post anything you run into, it will simply make for a better end result. Keep us and yourself up to date by checking out the dedicated thread here on the forum: Sacred 2 Purist Fixpack
  8. I would love a Sacred 2: Fallen Fries makeover
  9. @gogoblender Yes Warrior Nun just a little linkely dokely to Netfix Be warned it's all a bit weird My Netflix black holes usually lead me to watching documentaries on serial killers or drug lords...
  10. Good to hear BardicAnne! Just keep in mind, at some point when you are in a position to do so, I would *highly* recommend getting a Steam or GoG account and acquire a digital copy for enjoying Sacred on pc (with a personal preference for GoG because you can actually download the installation files and save them on a USB drive, so you never need to download the game again). I had so much trouble with the physical copies I would only go there if no other path would be available to me. (If it interests you: I had to update the firmware of my dvd drive of all things to install the game when it came out...)
  11. And maybe of note, microtransactions (in some form or another) have been confirmed again for D4 with a new job listing: Link to the GameSpot article
  12. All hail Dimitrius All hail Dimitrius All hail Dimitrius All hail Dimitrius All hail Dimitrius
  13. Yes. Sacred 3 was just a terrible experience indeed. Welcome aboard!
  14. Here's some info about the whole pay2win system in Diablo Immortal: Forbes writes: Oh Yes, ‘Diablo Immortal’ Is Absolutely Pay-To-Win, Eventually Just wanted to chime in on the we're all adults but not everyone playing is an adult... With the way the laws are set up, Blizzard would actually have to put an 18+ label on the game and operate under a gambling license *if* what I think the problematic mechanics could be. Basically you're not allowed to have minors gambling on something representing actual currency and there would be some necessary form of identification. Mainly, the problem here (in the Netherlands) would be the ability to monetize your lootbox items. In CS:GO for instance, I can buy the skins themselves on the marketplace if I want to, but I cannot use cases and keys. However this quote from the Dutch website Tweakers.net suggests that the actual economic value that these lootboxes represent should not be the issue: But in short, yeah, games with lootboxes are seen as a big issue here. And I don't mind some kind of cosmetic microtransaction system. But pay2win, naaaaaahhhhh...
  15. Well I won’t be able to play without some fandangling, since Belgium and the Netherlands have been cracking down on gambling in games (like lootboxes mainly) Blizzard has decided to just not release the game to our markets at all. I mean, they could’ve just taken that stuff out… I will need to mess around with VPN’s to get the game and run the risk of my account getting banned.
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