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  1. Those are not hours lost welcome back to the FDM Jane! I am ashamed to admit I have complete copies of Sacred 1 and 2 on DVD, Steam and GoG...
  2. Yeah about that... I gave it another go literally a few hours ago. Man the boring mechanics get under my skin though. Who in their right mind makes you attack a ship with exploding barrel-enemies (which you have to knock out by the way) when I have a ranged attack? It ticked me off so much I exited the game and decided to do a late "spring cleaning" of all the rubbish games in my Steam inventory which I haven't touched in ages or never will again. I deleted about 60% of my games library. My biggest mistake? Buying LEGO games, and a few Far Cry titles. Almost everything else wa
  3. The winter sale is upon us, and Grim Dawn is 80% off for anyone who's interested! https://store.steampowered.com/app/219990/Grim_Dawn/ Also, you could get the bundle with all the expansions, and have it for about 57% off.
  4. The winter sale is upon us, and Sacred 3 is 75% off for anyone who's interested... https://store.steampowered.com/app/247950/Sacred_3/
  5. The winter sale is upon us, and Torchlight III is 50% off for anyone who's interested! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1030210/Torchlight_III/
  6. OMG those lights scared the crap out of me, my volume was waaay up from a conference call earlier! I practically fell over lol
  7. Wouldn't it be possible to fully replace the switches with something else @Schot? I've never attempted that myself, nor have I looked into it, but I would imagine a nice set of omrons or khails or w'ever which seem to be the go-to in gaming mice at least could help out in the longevity department? I've recently picked up a Logitech G203 Prodigy and... I have never had a mouse feel so comfortable that quickly. I grew up with the to me classic Logitech wireless mouse shape like they were last included with the ex100 IIRC (picture below). The G203 just feels so familiar. I bought a ba
  8. Read: the first 24 episodes. And there we have the last two. Brilliant summary of the main contradiction within the show, really.
  9. But in the alternate ending it's implied that the rest of humanity should be able to reform themselves out of the LCL as well, as long as their will to live and their wish for individuality is strong enough IIRC... The plot really is quite out-there yeah
  10. And here's an update to my last post: - Still haven't watched the new Castlevania (netflix) season yet - Finally finished Neon Genesis Evangelion, including the alternate ending with The End of Evangelion (netflix) My take on Eva:
  11. Ugh, what's actually worse in your eyes chattius, working at an actual fire or a chemical hazard?
  12. The difference between that first and last picture... WOW
  13. Yup, CTRL-C CTRL-V from the adress bar. I'm using Edge (Chromium).
  14. Still doesn't work for me? See below: How much Power does the Lotus Make? - YouTube
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