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  1. Conspiracy theorists reckon they were never really on the bridge.
  2. In jumping, Kevin fell headfirst. A E I O U. Steve.
  3. Hi and welcome from me too. Hope you enjoy the game. Steve.
  4. I like to sound my horn too. Usually when stuck in miles of traffic............................
  5. Hi and welcome to you. Hope your uncle heals up and gets back on his feet real soon, and also that your cold clears up.....................it's that time of year ! Good luck with yer gaming. Steve.
  6. Oh btw..............2 things. Sorry, but I'm playing on the pc and I think this is a thread for console ?! Hope that is ok ? 2nd, I don't think that griffin de-buffs ALL the time. What I mean is, that he will de-buff you for sure, but if you immediately re-buff yourself he won't zap you again for a while. I'm thinking that he can only cast the de-buff spell occationally rather than constantly. I've beaten him with 4 or 5 classes now without too much bother. Like I said, just re-buff yourself and kick it's behind. Apart from the de-buff spell, he is a bit of a wimp. So much so that I can't even remember using a single health pot ! Go for it. Steve.
  7. Garganthropod for me. Why ......................because he just stole my survival bonus of over 80%, the dirty rat ! I got him in the end, but my sb is back down to 1%, and that blows ! Steve.
  8. OUCH !! Sorry to hear that mate, sounds horrible. No tips from me, as thankfully I haven't suffered with that injury, but I wish you a speedy recovery. Steve.
  9. Thankyou for the replies. Hmmmm, you are spot on with diminishing...................sheesh ! I checked my total, un-equiped items and checked again. The diminishing effect seems very harsh. I just got frustrated with the old swing 'n' miss, so spent ages trying to build up that mod to help out my SW. Wish I hadn't bothered now ! I'll keep a small amount, but switch to alternate mods from here on. Thanks again for assistance, much appreciated. I must stop scratching my head................these splinters really hurt ! See ya. Steve.
  10. Hi. Sorry, I have probably posted this in the wrong area, but was unsure where it fitted !? Ok. I have been boosting my "opponants chance to evade attack" stats by buying items with that mod. I have got it up to -69.4%, but, when checking the bonus overview, it says that it is only at -46.4% !! Not amused.............. Any idea's as to why it is saying that the stat is 23% lower than it should be ? Is the game playing at the -69.4% as it should be or at the lower % that it is displaying ? Steve.
  11. 1000X thanks to all you guys/gals doing the Wiki. Incredibubble. If it wern't for the Wiki I would be here all day asking questions instead of actually playing the game itself ! Cheers to you all, yer da best. Steve.
  12. I last got my class specific mount back in 2009 or 2010 so I really can't remember whether it was any good or not, tbh. Surely it has to be better than the horse ?!?! Can't wait to find out though. I can just about remember going to an island and having to do some quests and or an arena fight....................though, knowing me, that is prbably from a different game all together, haha !! Bye for now. Steve.
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