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  1. Dedicated Server..possible?

    I guess at this point I wish I was a programmer......... but alass, just a tech. lol on a side note, every program contains some type of propritary information, but all that is required is the ability to be able to receive the connection from the client. For example,people have hacked WOW servers and run them independantly from the paid servers. I'm sure Blizzard didnt' release their code....
  2. Dedicated Server..possible?

    I'm already running a 24/7 LAN server through tunngle....... Would only need server side program that was used to create the lobby to make the switchover. I have found server updates, but not the actual program.
  3. Dedicated Server..possible?

    I wasn't aware that you could export your characters..... Was there a thread on that somewhere?
  4. Dedicated Server..possible?

    We would like to privately setup a login system similar to the CDV/Ascaron lobby. Where people could use a optionscustom.text file to login to continue playing the characters that were created and played in Closednet, or Opennet. optionscustom.txt file would be like this: network.lobby_name = "xxxx" (your user name) network.lobby_password = "xxxx" (your password) network.lobby_ip = "us.sacred2.net" (this would be changed to reflect the private site) network.lobby_port = 6900 Alternatively, is there any way to continue playing the characters that were created in the Open or Closed net games?
  5. What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    With regard to connecting to a friends IP by typing it in, that was done in the LAN connection section of the game. This made connecting through a VPN that much easier.
  6. Connection loss 10

    I'm getting this connection lost (10) error, it happens quite regularly through the day or evening, roughly every hour. I'm on a broadband cable connection. I really don't want to lose all the unique items in my players chest, any other ideas? I wonder how the items in the players chest could have an effect on network connection.
  7. Map issue

    My version only has the 2.43 patch. It's the PC DVD version from CDV (US), no ice and Blood expansion. Will look into the CM Patch you mentioned.
  8. Map issue

    Wasn't sure if this should be here or in bug reports. When I hit the "M" key to view the map, it works for a while (a half hour or so) then eventually the map texture and terrain features don't over lay (or aren't visible) the map icons appear and I have the game screen still visible in the background. Everything works like I am in the map mode, zoom in zoom out, pan around, but no terrain. The solution I have found is to "alt+tab" out and then click on the Sacred 2 icon on the taskbar to get back into the game. This only works a few times before the game freezes on a black screen transitioning between the two modes,I then have to 3 finger salute and "end the task". I am running Win7 with Sacred 2 in compatibility mode for XP SP3 as an admin. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    Well, it did have OpenNet, where whoever starts the game is the server, though it still does go via "their" (DS/Ascaron/etc) servers. As to why, I have no idea, I can only assume that it's related to control & preventing pirates from using it, though given that Sacred has always supported LAN, I'm not sure how accurate that is... Sacred has always had a US publisher (Encore for S1 & CDV for Sacred 2), hopefully S3 will be solely published by DS (who have a US arm) as this would simplify things & lets face it, the previous US publishers haven't done a brilliant job... As to Ice and Blood in the US, that would have been due to a lack of agreement with DS & CDV, complicated by Ascaron going bankrupt. I'm sure that if Ascaron were still a going concern when Ice and Blood were released Ice and Blood would have been published in the US by CDV. I've contacted CDV and they are only publishers, they don't have any answers regarding tech support as they state from the support tickets I've submitted.
  10. What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    I would like to see the ability to network by having the ability to input an IP to connect to a friends game. Much like what Dungeon Siege 1 had. So people could still play online with friends, but not necessarily be on the companies game server. This would also extend the life of the game for the players when the company decides to shut down the server(s). I still have friends that I play DS1 with on occasion that way. In fact I played DS1 until I found out about Sacred 2. I was a little dissapointed that a game of this quality didn't have such a simple feature. Also; Seeing that Sacred is a EU developed game, better support for the North American market would be a good thing. Why is it that the Ice and Blood expansion was never developed and released into that market?
  11. Picture of where you are

    Alrighty then, so noted. You guys have done quite a lot of good work here on the site. Still sifting through it all, but it looks pretty well organized. Hope to be somewhat active here as time goes on.
  12. Picture of where you are

    Hey, Seeing as I just signed up, I thought I would post my location, but not to close yet cause I don't know you peeps yet.