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  1. I am minutes away from starting my testing weekend of the game. If anyone else is testing over this weekend maybe we could catch up in game and test it out a bit, Will post on the experience I had over the weekend,
  2. Ohhhhhh Thats a hard one. Ok here how I look at it first they are all very very different types of show hard to compare. I cant put a number 1 and 2 but I will tell you who I thinks would be last thats BSG in my book. You will go you loved that show! well yea I did but the way I feel about BSG is first 2 seasons or so great got that great dynamic shock factor and everything. After that they lost there way wanted to touch to much topics to much questions and in the end you where like whaaa? So they dropped the ball. The worst is that I dont want to go back and watch BSG again and that in my book is a big downer for a show that I dont want to go and rewatch it again. Serenity this one is a true gold I have watched it over and over and over and it never gets old even when I know every episode I can still go back and watch it again. That says a lot about a show. It had a one of a kind style that smells of steampuk which was fresh and new and is still to this day. Great humor and very rich characters with a perfect missmatched family dynamic. The space camera that people loved in BSG was developed and pioneers in Serenity. Shame it got shut down by execs that lack vision. I can number two more shows that got cut after the first season like this by bad execs The Gates and Kings. I would have loved to watch those shows as well. So last would be Game of Thrones I may love SF but I do love fantasy and history styled shows. Since I loved the bold take on shows like Rome and The Tudors Game of Thrones was a must for me got to love the Dune style of plans within plans story plot. The cast is great very strong and the narrative stays very true to the book and they must have some very talented adapters in there team because I would have added only 2 more things in the show just to make somethings more clear. And the intro oh that intro you just got to love it with the map models and every house shield show in the castles the artistic sun with the rings around it telling the story from the rise of the Dragons and how it ends with all animals kneeling to the stag. In my book its a fantasy based Dune so far I will know more once I read the rest of the books lol. So to sum it up cant pick a number one to different to rank but at list I know what I wouldnt go back to see again lol
  3. Hehe I started reading the books this august as well. Found a great deal on all four online. And after reading the first and starting the second I have an even greater love for the show. At first I didnt get what the talk was about, about stretching the show but they havnt done that at all. As fare as season 1 being the first book it was done perfectly. I just love how they did the script even the lines they say are true to the book. just perfect. As for the intro I have to agree with you I just love it. Its probably the best tv series intro of all times. If you take a closer look at all the details it tell the full story of what happened before the books. And the fact that it changes from episode to episode as the events or places change just perfect.
  4. When Game of Thrones came out every place you turned on the net it was spelling cancel for Camelot but I am not the one to shear that view. Camelot has shown a lot more action and a nice twist to a good old story and I just love the concept of magic being an addiction and there being consequences for using magic shown in Morgan and Merlin. All in all I see in Game of Thrones a lot of plotting and so on like in The Tudors and not much action and in a way I am fine with it. As long as both shows keep running I will get both Friday action with Camelot, Sunday plotting and skimming with Game of Thrones.
  5. I dont really have a problem with the showing of sex in the show. The trend started back in 2005 in ROME then it went on in the Tudors and then in Spartacus. The truth of the matter in all of this shows and as well in Game of Thrones the sex is not really there to "sell" the show but its there to correctly portray the story or in service of it. That kind of use is ok for me since all of this shows that have started and kept the trend were and are intended for a target group that is over 18.
  6. I love this show with Camalot out at the same time I think we will get a full shear of Fantasy based shows. P.S.: Both topics have been merged!
  7. And its finally here and it looks as good as ever. Gogo you are going to like this! Noia 4 (scroll down on the page theres a link to the newest Noia 4 Options Looks as good as ever
  8. Dialog wasnt true to the books. I would say the first movie was good and they tried to make the story flow as much as they could in the first one but the second and third where very bad. What I really hated was the shear fact that in the movies it all came down to humans when in fact if it was all left to humans Sauron would have won. With this goes the Dialog that they used displacing characters making jokes when there wasnt any room for them. I will never forget the battle at Helms Deep when the Uruks arrive and start pounding the spears to the ground how Jackson beautifully shows the fear in peoples eyes and they he goes and ruins that with Gimlly making a joke about how he couldnt see what was happening. The movies are full with that form of misplaced dialog which kills a lot of the mood. In a way it compares with the stupid humor that Transformers had. "Totally classified"
  9. Chromes very good and very easy. If FF wasnt here I would be using Chrome.
  10. I use Webmail Notifier 2.7.6 It has a ton of nice and easy to use option. The button it has doesnt look out of place on the tool bar. Some of the options range from the time frame you set when it checks your mail box. You can set the priority which mail boxes to be checked first. By just one click it takes you to your mail box no matter what mail service you use. It works with everything gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, aol and many more. I have been using it for some time and have no complains what so every.
  11. Gogo do you have the InstantFox add on installed? Its in the FF4 top10 collection list. it helps you make searches in the address bar and not just with Google. Search via your address bar with shortcuts - e.g. simply enter: » g search word « to search with Google (instant results appear as you type!) g » Google (or try "I" or "m") e » eBay a » Amazon y » Youtube w » Wikipedia c » Calculator f » Weather
  12. Dont know if there are any changes I got it as soon as it was a final version didnt download the beta. By the way is there a way to put the open in a new tab second or better said below open in a new window. I end up opening everything in a new window. In the old firefox it was second from top now its first and I do the right click scroll to the second position in the pop up menu on instinct. If there isnt an option it will take some time to get used to and a lot of nerves lost.
  13. Thanks I needed those tabs at the bottom rofl. Heres the ling to Nuvola 1.9.9 Cant wait to see how Noia will look when it comes out.
  14. I am loving fire fox 4 as well. It is really slick and very fast. Gogo you are right about Noia I was shocked there wasnt an add on for it ready yet so I went with Nuvola 1.9.9 pretty close to Noia! p.s.: IS there a way to put all the tabs at the bottom like they where in the previous version of fire fox they are way to high for my taste the way they are set up now.
  15. Game of Thrones is a new TV show that will come out on the April 17th on HBO. The fact that it comes out on HBO says a lot since this wont be a TV show for kids to watch it will be a more aimed at grown ups. It screen play is adopted from the best selling novel series with the same name. The cast is stellar for this project so we should really be having a blast with this show. Take a look for yourself!
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