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  1. If you read the OP, the author added a note provided by another member about DP being gimped in patch 2.4 of FA. Unless it was gimped again, then it does *become* chaincastable far down the road; hence my question, if it would be prudent for this build to take the mod on dashing alacrity that lowers all regen times instead of just its own - in order to make DP chaincastable sooner.
  2. With regard to the last mod for Dashing Alacrity, on the PC (Ice&Blood), would it be more prudent to choose the mod that reduces regen time of ALL Combat Arts instead of just DA? My train of thought on this is that it should allow DP to be chain castable sooner, so that it and DA can be combined more effectively sooner.
  3. Wonder if I'll be able to survive orc cave yet. Oh yeah, the guide also calls for rev tech focus but I found that it was locked and had to take 5 points into the lore first. Is this cause Im on Fallen Angel or...? Main reason I posted the question is cause this build is based off the "Comprehensive BFG guide", in which is stated that the guide is great & aimed at starting up characters (ie: no support). It follows with (and this guide quotes), "At level 15, the highest level weapon (except bfg) that you can equip is: 20 (I would aim for a level 30 BFG at this point)...". Hence why Im feeling super under-par (and thats with some kobold farming =/).
  4. Shop Refreshing

    Hmm I wasnt aware of such a button. Ill take a look at the manual. I know F12 is to go back to the last visited rez shrine.
  5. Shop Refreshing

    Just tried that. Idk if your playing with differnt controls or something. What does F8 do for you? In my game, it simply switches to the 4th set of orbs =/
  6. PS3 Couch Co-Op Free World

    Oii, ok, sorry. Ill go look for it Thanks! The more I think about it, the more of a depressing thing this whole lack of couch freeworld is becoming. Bought the PS3 version specifically to couch coop with my bro - but taking out freeworld means no fun boss grinding and the likes. Ah well.. its still really fun all in all edit: OH! I didnt click attach this file after locating it. silly me!
  7. Shop Refreshing

    Whats the best way to refresh the shops stock in Fallen Angel? Ive been teleporting between freeworld starting island & sloeford.. fairly slow. Fastest way in Ice & Blood as well? On a slightly related note - do shops offer different quality items at different places? Starting island in Freeworld seems to always have a better selection than Sloeford.
  8. PS3 Couch Co-Op Free World

    That's quite a shame. I looked into it and found that answer elsewhere as well, but from posts dating back to 2009. Seems the XBOX360 version had the same issue but was patched; I was hoping the PS3 had been patched and I simply was unfamiliar with how to change parties. Swamps sounds interesting. Any guide you know of that lays out a good run path in the swamps? I actually just got into the swamps in the campaign, haven'nt reached the southeast end yet. But looking at the interactive map, Im guessing a triangle from Lizurath to Hissil? *attached image to show what I mean* Forseeable issue with the alternative solution is the the orc cave bugging again and stopping spawnage. Though we will make use of it till that happens, but tis annoying when your prepared for a nice grind session and its cut short.
  9. Ohhhhhh. So the slot limit is only for closednet then? Thats a relief
  10. While playing, my brother and I decided to hop over to couch co-op Free World instead of Campaign. Didn't notice it right away but after a bit we noticed that he wasnt getting XP at all (my character kills much more rapidly), so we started testing and found out that XP doesn't seem to be shared in this mode. Is there any way to turn XP sharing on in free world mode? Slightly related - free world, unlike campaign, is the only place where you "start anew" each time you play. Resetting things like the orc caves, etc. For whatever reason, orc cave bugged out n stopped respawnning in our campaign playthrough. With free world not allowing us to share XP... what would be a good place to grind XP?
  11. Im curious how one is sposed to come by so many runes as to keep BFG at character level * 2. Turning all other runes into BFG runes (3:1 conversion), I've only memorized 12 runes by level 16 thus far :/
  12. Ooh that seems to stand out much better from the preview! Ill download it n try it right away, thanks!
  13. Nah. Its in the same spot I think. On the PS3, I always played offline Co-Op with my bro... my characters health bar was on the left always. I wasn't saying 12 slots (11+1 weapon)... I was saying 8. By making the weapon & ca spots allow for weapons or Combat Arts you could effectively have 7 spots with 1 weapon. On the PS3 I used around 10 slots on my shadow warrior but that was cause buffs took slots. To play him the same, I'd still need like usable 7 CA slots =/
  14. Messing around with my friends Sacred 2 on the PC. Seems a lot harder to pay attention to the health bar. I've died with a level 1 seraphim 3x now on Silver (soft core) simply because I find it harder to pay attention to the health bar on the PC. Seems smaller, darker, more out of the way - anyone else notice this? any tips? Also, limited to 4 hotbar CAs - Holy Hannah!? Let all slots be modifiable with CAs ~or~ weapons like on the PS3.
  15. Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    In my opinion, the reason so many people are still playing revolves, partially, around the deep complexities and so many ways that one can build a successful character. Most games that use RPG elements have character classes that are not particularly different than each other. Those games also don't have much difference between two characters of the same class. The games that do have deeper character customization in gameplay, seem to have few viable and successful builds. Also, their skills tend to not have any downsides on making said skill more powerful so there is no need to balance power vs. usability. Add to all that, equips have a lot more effect on builds than in other games. That and sweet, sweet loot. Personally, I was looking for a Co-Op PS3 game with modernized playstle of the late Diablo and CoN games. Many suggested that I try this game. I loaded it up, entered co-op, was presented with an annoyingly complex co-op setup (actually lost my first character,~4-5hrs, due to not understanding what I was doing), and somewhat annoying camera angle. I opened up the map, figured I'd be able to finish it quickly enough, THEN I started moving about. After maybe 30 minutes, I re-opened the map to find I had discovered next to nothing. I grinned. I was completely sold/satisfied from that point forward. The sheer amount of content and thought poured into this game is simply beautiful! On-topic... Codes pl0x! XD Please and thank you