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  1. kidtwn

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    I was wondering is there anyway that the super-unique mobs like for Example (corpsfire) hav there names in different colors and maybe have a different icon on the mini map? just a thought so that there not just yellow named mobs
  2. kidtwn

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Ohh and Flix were u with Elvy in modding D2 Blazingfire mod ? if not the sory just saw the name Ben and remember that Ben and Elvy made the blazingfire mod and 1 of them being from Texas sorry for the off topic con
  3. kidtwn

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    ok I have a question. on skills for example Warmth says it does -20% +1% per level does that mean character level or how many runes/skill I consume to make the runes level go up?
  4. ahh ok thanks I did not know that ... I saw that folder also.
  5. ok what would cause the no Text in the cmpatch 150 with the D2mod? I have no texts when I talk to npc nor in the control options