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  1. Hello

    It's actually worse, at least on my end. Sometimes it crashes for some of the players, making them loose connection to the server. Some other times it simply blocks them out of the server or hides it from them.. which means the server must be restarted.
  2. Hello

    well, we are playing online in groups, but VPNs are not really the same thing.. TUNNGLE can be unstable for some players, and sometimes one cannot join and one has to reset the server.. EVOLVE suffers from too much lag HAMACHI is just too much limited We didn't really try any more options here in Italy, so for now we are stuck like this.. the record on TUNNGLE is 20 players that I have seen, but most of the time they don't appear to play the same version of the Game or are not visible for some other reasons. I also never saw anyone from this community playing the game over one of those VPNs.. so that's why I thought maybe you guys found a better approach than us.. but perhaps it's just that, no one is playing it anymore.
  3. Hello

    Thank you very much! My old clan has only two survivors, unfortunately.. not that it matters anymore, since the servers closed.. ..but hey, there's still hope for a new Sacred Gold Remastered HD Platinum Collection Edition!
  4. Hello

    Hello Again to everybody! I recently started playing this game again, after nearly a decade of so since abandoning it, I thought that I could say hello again! I was (am?) an already registered user here, but I could not recall the password nor restore it due to loosing access to its associated email address. Go figures! I was wondering if you guys are still playing Sacred UW and, in such a case, what do you usually use to connect with one another. Here in Italy we are currently using a mix of Steam + Tunngle, but it appears that this approach is rather unstable and not everyone can join the network. Do you have any better ideas? --- ETA: I see there is still my post advertising my (old) clan here!
  5. New Sacred 3 will be like what current game?

    I can't tell, but I would like it to be able to tell its story and entertain the player much more like Dragon Age and less like Sacred 2. And I hope it won't take ideas from Diablo III.
  6. What class from past games do you want for Sacred 3

    I would enjoy the Daemon, Dwarf, Wood Elf, the Inquisitor, the Magic Elf, the Mage and the Vampire.. I would hate the Dark Elf, Temple Guardian. Speaking the truth, just releasing Sacred Underworld with a better graphic / higher resolution, one more tree of magic skills and some more character would be more than enough. :-(
  7. Purifying Chastisement

    Hi guys! I would like to take advantage of your experience in order to understand some picks regarding this CA: Purifying Chastisement One of the modifiers of this CA says: "Merciles - The treshhold for the maximum effectiveness is raised to 35% of remaining hitpoints. (+10%)" The description means that damage increasing due to this CA depends on the percentage of reduced life, and not on the absolute value as it was in Sacred 1? In this case it would be better increasing the defence, rather the total amount of health of the character. Reverse, if everything works like in Sacred 1, it would be better to build the PG like in Sacred 1. What are your opinions?
  8. Sacred 2 Set Item List - Are we missing any?

    With the new patch new sets are coming.. someone in italy has found a piece of set for Seraphim that it's called "Seraish". I hope that this is an misunderstanding of translating the original name.. ..it would be "Sereish", in order to be a referment to the set of the first Sacred. Anyone of you has found it?
  9. How much Magic Find do you guys have on your characters?

    Well.. 25,7% It's very low, my char is level 30, and the survival bonus up to 68%, but I've found just one piece of set. Unique Armors are less rare, I've found 7-8 of them. But I have to say that I played almost before updating the game, so I can't say if now the situation is going to go better..
  10. Exclusive Sacred 2 ingame weapon courtesy of PC Gamer

    Ok, got it Thanks
  11. Exclusive Sacred 2 ingame weapon courtesy of PC Gamer

    No no, I'm not saying anything.. ..I'm asking! I felt strange about it because anyone wrote the name of this "magazine", and I dind't find anything using google. I just wanted to ensure myself that this referment about a "magazine" is true, and not a trick in order to post cheat inside an official forum. A reply by the Ascaron Team in that thread or an extract of the article would be nice.
  12. Exclusive Sacred 2 ingame weapon courtesy of PC Gamer

    Are we completely sure that that trick isn't cheating? I didn't see the opinion of any of the members of the management team at the sif..
  13. How to: Reset combat art modifications

    Starting a new char There isn't another solution.
  14. SacredWiki - Item Modifiers

    lol I can't being helpful because here in italy we have different name of bonuses, but.. ..Gogo, please check the post, it looks like there is a broken link on blue mods Good luck!
  15. Fixed level of Sets

    Thanks Llama