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  1. Onion

    I would like to share a couple thoughts about onions. There is another variety as sweet as Vidalia. They are stamped Empire Sweet and are widely available. Also I have learned by sad example that the sweet varieties are so not suitable for some salads! I used a vidalia in a potato salad and it tasted like I had added a cup of sugar!
  2. Could I be salt defficient?

    I do not think you are salt defficient just salt unenlightened. As I read your freinds posts I agree there are many forms of salt and ways of using them. It is the spice of life so to say. I do not think however that it can be replaced by herbs. Used in moderation it is not evil but a delight to the palate.Table salt is best for cooking as its qualities are best served as a blending of flavors. The more expensive coarser sea salts are better served as a finishing touch to your dish.
  3. As I recall little bunny Fufu was rather rude to those field mice scooping them up and bopping them on the head!But now that I think about it I do not like rodents .... Way to go Fufu!
  4. Jericho's been canceled -- join the fight to renew :)

    Hello Gogo The reason they chose peanuts is because that was the reply the town gave to the overthrowing forces that were about to start the final battle. his answer to the surrender deal was NUTS! .
  5. General discussion/queries

    hello I just wanted to add to your wonderful gastonomic discussion the perfect foolproof way to boil eggs.