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  1. [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Gosh, thank you for all your hard work!! I finally got this version working today (I had forgotten how to "path" the GME correctly after a re-install of the game). I am super excited to start a-fresh and just wanted to show my appreciation to you and all of you who keep this wonderful game alive.
  2. Casters and Staff Lore

    Thanks for the quick reply! Some interesting options could be applied, filling the screen with very fast multiple magic shots with in-build slows and screen filling- glorious purple missiles (in keeping with magic type spells). Gosh, already feeling sorry for the poor kobolds . Combat Art Range +X% would perhaps keep melee mobs from enveloping caster type toons too much. Lols, I really need to get some sleep, already dreaming of this gem of a game. Night for now, looking forward to your continued work on the great Diablo2 mod
  3. Casters and Staff Lore

    Oh, I hope I posted this in the right section of the forums, please feel free to post it in the appropriate place. Thanks
  4. Hi all! I apologise if this has been answered before, but I am slightly confused why a caster would take magic staves lore/focus - I tend not to bash enemies with the tip of my staff I understand why tactics lore and various weapon lores have their place, but just the thought of bashing kobolds with my stick ...well, it just doesnt' seem right hehe. Do the staff lores effect only the weapon speed or is there a casting speed benefit that comes with staff lore/focus. Thank you in advance for an answer, I am new to the mechanics of this game . Playing the diablo 2 mod atm and having a blast. I've decided to mix firestorm/fissure into my rotation, turning into wereowolf only when I need to run away from mobs or when I'm in the mood to be super brave (with grizzly and dire world saving my little behind more often than not ) Thanks Flix, gogo, et al for being so patient with me.
  5. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Yikes I am so blind, I found it - hovering mouse cursor over the actual character bar at the top of the inventory. Feeling silly now....
  6. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Hi! I apologise if this question has already been answered in a different thread. Is there anywhere I could see how much of the map I have completed? I cannot seem to find anything to indicate a percentage map completion. Thanks in advance! Loving this mod
  7. Thanks for the speedy reply! Now it makes sense, and frees my skill choices up nicely (apart from the mandatory regen skills needed for a pure shapeshifter). I assume any runes I eat will still increase their damage (conversely increase the regen)? I ate one and it seems to have increased their damage somewhat. I'm actually quite glad I don't need to micro-manage the shapeshifts with all their in-built skills. Just need to focus on getting that lovely regen time down to 10. ...off I go to make Druid no. 5. I must just say, this is one of the most unique classes I have ever encountered in an arpg. Pure genius! Thanks again Flix.
  8. Hi! I am new to the forum so bear with me please I am currently playing a shapeshift Druid, and I am slightly confused by the skills Tactics Lore and Speed Lore when it comes to wolf/bear - they do not directly influence damage according to the guide. What are their respective impacts on the 2 forms? The other thing I would like to ask is this: my special skills' (fury, shockwave etc) regen times seem to increase as I gain levels/ca levels instead of decreasing (e.g. from 4.1 at character level 1 to now 5.1 at character level 17/ca level 8.0, for the fury "spell"). Is this normal? I have only read 1 rune into the respective forms and wondered if I should eat more or just leave them at level 1? Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you for this superb mod! The animations and playstyles are just wonderful!