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    Well, normally I am noone for high praises. But this, this is a tremendous piece of work and plainly astonishing. With CM 160 I had not a single CTD, Freeze up or anything, while before it would have crashed about 20-30 times in the time I have been playing since the application of the CM. It always was what drove me off this all too often overlooked gem of a game. Coming back and leaving frustrated because it was just unbearable. But thats past now! And I am tremendously gratefull of it. As a programmer myself I really just don't want to know the mass of work it took to get the CM where it is now. You just resurrected a game which ran completly broken on modern machines and that within the borders of a enclosed system. High salute to everyone who worked and made possible the CM as it is in it's current state! Keep up the good work! And of course a big thank you for this on a personal level! You have given me back a game I thought to be shunned to remembrance. Lots of old memories attached to this game.