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The Community Patch for the Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood PC game works with versions 2.65.1 and up:

Current version is: 0160 Hotfix released December 18th, 2017.

Currently supported Languages include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Czech. If you want to help with localization for your language not mentioned above, feel free to contact us via: E-Mail

COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF ALL CHANGES ---> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_2UcD-_lE-D2-yokJ6_3Ywfm7375yXNB/view


Info below from DarkMatters.org by czevak

What does the CM-Patch actually do?

Marcuswob is mainly working on the questscripts. Main goal is to have a proper(!) questlog, and tweaking some quest-flow as we find it better/more consistent to play. Also reactivation of unused quests and complementing some unfinished new ones has been and will be done if possible.

I am pretty much working on all of the other stuff. (Items, Bosses, Monsters, odds and ends...) This includes unlocking Stuff thats already finished, but did for some obscure reason not make it to the game. That's the easiest part. Completing unfinished items, some legendaries and uniques or the T-energy-sets (= wrappings of mutation. :) ) takes a lot more time. Also balancing of bosses, items and spells is time consuming and we need a big crew of beta testers!

We already fixed and included in the Patch: Unlocking XMAS-Island, Fistweapons, Throwing Potions, New Sets for TG, SW and all other Chars, New Uniques, New Legendaries, New Quests, fixed the "Arkenmarks Refuge" Dungeon, Unlock Items can drop regularly, unavailable Shrinkheads can drop now and various other fixes and additions too numerous to mention all here. Just read a bit in the thread. wink.gif

Before you proceed to Download, there is some legal stuff to mention (you know how it is. wink.gif ):

DISCLAIMER - This is a private, non-profit patch for the amazing Sacred 2 community. Use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to chars, data or hardware, that (may) arise or issue from using this product.  Old characters are NOT COMPATIBLE.  For best results, you should create new characters when playing with the Community Patch.  Expect broken quests and items if you use character created before CM 1.60.

The ZIP includes two files: cm-enable.exe which is used for installing the CM-Patch, and cm-disable.exe which removes it and restores your previous version of Ice & Blood.



Developers: Marcuswob, Czevak, LazyTomcat, Pesmontis, Silver Fox, Dimitrius154, Flix

Thanks to all bug reporters, testers, and translators.  Your contributions, discussion, and feedback helped make the patch what it is today.

Special thanks to Mr. Norbyte for his tool which was vital in solving many animation problems.


>>Downloadable 1.60 Change Log<<



It seems that CM Patch 1.60 has introduced a minor issue. Its description can be found in this post.

This issue can be resolved by navigating to ...\Sacred 2 Gold\scripts\shared and editing spells.txt with Notepad++. In line 656 where it reads entry0 = {"et_mult_weapondamage", 1000, 0, 0, 9 }, replace 1000 with 1. Save and you're done. Be sure to back up the file prior to editing it. If you have any doubts about it please post in the comments section.

What's New in Version v0160 Hotfix   See changelog


v1.60 Hotfix Changes:
* Epic Office Quest: Once the task is taken from tom Felde, blue markers appear at each of the developer's locations. That's how they can be tracked. Logbook "Tasks" section does no longer keep contact track for this quest, until after all the developers are found. The "Power of NIF" and "Benny's Promise" items are now received along with the rest of the loot at the end of the quest.
* Melee Combat Arts should no longer cause pathing and targeting issues upon execution.
* Animations for Scything Sweep, Ruthless Mutilation, and Darting Assault should no longer cancel prematurely if the target dies on the first hit.
* High Elf's Fire Demon and Shadow Warrior's Nether Allegiance now have fire and ethereal FX respectively (instead of gore/bones) when unsummoned.
* Seraphim's Pelting Strikes and Shadow Warrior's Frenzied Rampage now have improved Ranged Weapon animations with more projectiles.
* Temple Guardian's Battle Extension now has faster animations overall, and more projectiles when used with Ranged Weapons.
* Temple Guardian left-click arm cannon projectile now has a 20% chance to cause splash damage.


1.60 Full Change Log

  • Starting Island Portal is enabled in singleplayer.
  • Ship Ports and Hot Air Balloons now work like Portals. After activation, they may be accessed from the world map at any time or place.
  • New "Travel Agent" NPC's added in 20 locations. These NPC's use the ship captain icon and will unlock new "portals" through which to travel.
  • The player can now teleport to underground soulstones when above ground.
  • Mounts can now be called into dungeons and underground areas (player must still dismount when entering\leaving dungeons due to code limitations).
  • Run Speed (non-functioning bonus) on Horses is replaced with a Physical Armor bonus.
  • Player no longer gets stuck running around in circles when trying to mount Horses and Special Mounts.
  • Player no longer loses control of the camera during boss battles (no more centering on the boss and extreme zoom out).
  • Stackable items have max stack size increased from 20 to 99. Runes are now stackable. Items already in inventory before patching must be dropped and picked up again to benefit from this change.
  • Autocollect pickup range increased. To make the graphical circle match the new coded pickup radius, change the line "autoCollectRadius" to a value of "230" in options.txt (not required, but recommended).
  • The player can now use the "ESC" key as an additional quicksave hotkey (in addition to the usual quicksave key). Requires editing options.txt.
  • Sources of "Experience per Kill" on items, potions, statues, and spells now stack instead of overriding one another.
  • All binaries patched to circumvent the game's memory leak problem and improve resource loading. Crashing and freezing should be dramatically reduced.
  • PhysX performance has been enhanced. Should no longer cause performance loss and CTD's.
  • Elite Mounts Project is fully integrated. New mount vendor is in the Jungle Temple of the Gods.
  • Fixed an Inquisition temple model that had gaps where the mesh pieces didn't fit together right.
  • Blacksmith Arts can now be removed in the smithing interface.

Text and UI Fixes

  • The GUI background is now less transparent and item stack count is easier to read.
  • Grunwald, Swamp, Desert, and Girvym Dragons now display correct names in the "Last Opponent" window.
  • Destructible "enemies" like Crystal Traps and Cursed Banners now have names in the "Last Opponent" window.
  • Scaron boss now has a portrait in the "Last Opponent" window.
  • Long enemy names now fit better in the "Last Opponent" window without being cut off.
  • Improved and clarified tooltip text for attributes. Damage modifier now appears in the Willpower tooltip if applicable (for lightsabers).
  • Percents, not flat numbers, are now correctly shown in tooltips for Combat Discipline and Speed Lore.
  • Corrected all instances where "Urtamark" is mispelled as "Urthamark."
  • Corrected all instances where "Lakeview Tavern" is called "Ocean View Tavern."
  • Corrected loading screen tips where "Cooldown" is used instead of "Regeneration Time" 
  • Corrected loading screen tips where "Frost" is used instead of "Ice."
  • Corrected loading screen tip where CTRL+Click is said to be the command for directing minions, when in fact it is SHIFT+Click.
  • Tornado and Gust of Wind are no longer called "Whirlwind" and "Flurry" in the rune exchange window.
  • Master of the Hunt quest: Corrected mention of the city "Grurag-Orc" to the actual name of the city, Entruag.
  • Sar'Thaz and Bengaresh Threshold now display their proper names onscreen when the player arrives, instead of "Arena of the Winged Ones" and "Red River," respectively.
  • Corrected several lines in the various localizations that had incorrect or awkward translations (thanks to all the translators and bug reporters!).
  • Character sheet UI is rearranged to present attack/defense/damage/spell intensity in a more logical way and with misleading/incorrect parameters removed.

Quest Fixes

  • Arena fighting rescripted (LUA code review: onRespawn).
  • Quest targets in the Thylysium quest "The Usurer" will now appear and be attackable.
  • There are no longer duplicate "Sister of the Archaeologist" NPC's standing in the same spot in Orcish Byway.
  • Dragon Mage now makes comments when approaching quest bosses, like the other characters.
  • All characters now have voiced comments when accepting new quests.

Player Spell and Skill Fixes

  • Using weapon-based combat arts in melee should no longer make the character run around in circles trying to reach a target that's already in range.
  • High Elf's Fire Demon now has fire FX (instead of gore) when unsummoned.
  • Seraphim's Soul Hammer now hits twice while Dual Wielding (fixed incorrect weapon animations both on foot and while mounted on the Tiger).
  • Shadow Warrior now uses correct animations when using Demonic Blow with ranged weapons, 2h magic staves, and pole arms while mounted on the Hellhound.
  • Shadow Warrior's Frenzied Rampage has improved animations (more projectiles) when using ranged weapons.
  • Shadow Warrior's Reflective Emanation "spikeshield" VFX on minions (when the gold mod "Idol" is taken) no longer causes drop in FPS.
  • Shadow Warrior’s Scything Sweep should no longer be able to kill allies when gold mod “Hurl” is taken.
  • Inquisitor's Callous Execution no longer uses slow and clunky 2h animations when mounted on the Spider (dual wielding animation is unchanged).
  • Inexorable Subjugation now displays missing "Minion Lifetime" text in its tooltip.
  • Inexorable Subjugation no longer causes the Inquisitor to be petrified for the duration.
  • The Dragon Mage can now remove combat arts from combos (only applies to new characters created after installing the patch).
  • Dragon Mage's Protector gets improved AI. Will now use the special moves Ascaron gave him: Slowing Hard Hit and Heal Self.
  • Dragon Mage now has access to buff slots and potion slots while shape-shifted.
  • Dragon Mage's Dragon Berserk form is rebalanced. Power now scales better into higher difficulties without being overpowered at low levels.
  • Dragon Mage's Destroyers have improved explosion accuracy (will no longer prematurely self-destruct).
  • Eternal Fire and Viperish Disease are reworked and rebalanced to scale with skills and attributes and maintain killing power without being exploitable.
  • Combat Alert, Rallied Souls, and several other buffs no longer cause drop in FPS.
  • Characters can now use buffs while mounted on horseback.
  • Buff FX now apply themselves to allies and minions immediately after casting/summoning.
  • Missing Damage Over Time FX for magic, ice, and physical damage are now restored.
  • Buffs that boost party member stats (like Battle Stance) should no longer reapply their bonuses to allies over and over.
  • Summoned creatures no longer get extraneous buff VFX (orange lightning aura, shield aura).
  • All General Skills are now available to every character.

Player Equipment Fixes

  • Added several missing Legendaries (Tier 15 items) to the proper drop lists.
  • Battery from Kendric's Archon set (Kendric's Core) now drops.
  • Afirdnasy's Shuriken will now properly drop.
  • Magic-tier Throwing Potions should drop more often now (corrected typo in drop lists).
  • Lightsaber ambient hum is now a more appropriate (quieter) volume.
  • Lightsaber blades no longer flicker or vanish when they hit an enemy.
  • Improved visible seams on High Elf's base model.
  • Leg from the High Elf's Frozen Gems set (Blue Carbuncle) no longer flashes and glows.
  • Boots and torso armor from High Elf's Children of Asha set receive improved models.
  • Inquisitor's Judicator set now has upgraded models and textures.
  • Shadow Warrior's sets Scourge of Lordaeron and the Doom Guard Armor now have improved models and textures.
  • Wings from Seraphim's Genesis Siderea set (Star Meadows) no longer have bugged textures with black spots.
  • Denderan's Reserve (Shadow Warrior set armor) now has its missing Malevolent Champion Focus bonus.
  • Ilgard's Visions (Inquisitor set armor) now has its missing Aspect: Gruesome Inquisition bonus.
  • Heart of the Hunter amulet (quest reward for Hunting Fever 2) now has its missing second bonus (Regeneration Time -X%).
  • The axes in the set Flesh Eaters' Implements now have improved base damage.
  • Recurve Bows now have higher base damage than Long Bows.
  • Ettolrahc Notwen's Recurve Bow is now classified as a Recurve Bow.
  • "Opponent's Chance to Reflect: Close Combat -X%" modifier no longer appears on ranged weapons.
  • Dragon Mage's combat arts, aspect regeneration, and aspect skills are now possible bonuses on most random items.
  • Random Magic Staffs now have skill-unlockable bonuses based on the Magic Staff skill.
  • 3 very small 1-handed longsword models are rescaled to be larger.
  • 4 of the smaller 2-handed swords are rescaled to be larger and more appropriately proportioned.
  • All bows in the game now have bowstrings.
  • 2 new clubs and 2 new shields added in CM 1.50 now have the metal shader.
  • Restored some easter egg weapon designs that were present in the CM Items Mod 1.2 but were removed when the mod was integrated into CM Patch 1.50.
  • Energy Weapons and Pistols now get damage type VFX applied.
  • Arrows, energy weapon, and throwing weapon projectiles now carry elemental damage VFX, if applicable.
  • Magic Staffs now shoot ranged projectiles right from the start, even without the Magic Staffs skill. This fixes an exploit where a multi-hit weapon CA with staves could hit everything on screen. Projectiles no longer appear to "pass through" enemies on impact.
  • Removed Block Chance: Knockback modifier from equipment because enemies no longer cause this effect. Replaced with Block Chance: Stun on uniques.

Unlocked Items for the Player

  • Throwing Stones as a weapon class are now useable by the player.
  • Made 7 vanilla fist weapons usable by the player (formerly were unusable "prop" weapons).
  • An unused wooden kite shield is now activated and added as a normal-tier random shield.
  • 7 unused vanilla 1h sword designs are unlocked and available as random drops.
  • Shortbows may now be found as magic and rare-tier weapons.
  • 12 NPC-only weapons and shields are unlocked as random drops for the player (goblin, orc, ogre, kobold, lizardman, undead).

Enemy Equipment Fixes

  • Undead skeletons in the "Disturbance of the Peace" quest no longer use the wrong equipment sets.
  • High Elf Soldiers are no longer equipped with halberds since they lack the proper attack animations for them.
  • Human Cultist Shamans are now equipped with magic staves.
  • Dragon Cult Leaders now wear the bracers that Ascaron designed for them.
  • Death Cult Lizards and Jungle Lizards now use shields with their own faction's insignia that Ascaron designed for them instead of generic brown shields.
  • Inquisition Officers now use the shields Ascaron designed for them with the Inqusition insignia.
  • Urtamark Officers (Green Human Knights) now use the shields that Ascaron designed for them.
  • Ogre Warriors now use the shields Ascaron designed for them. A smaller version of the shield is also available to the player as a random drop.
  • Elite Ogre Shamans now use the 2h staves Ascaron designed for them.
  • Swamp Olm now equipped with their headgear.
  • Inquisitor Ortlewyn and Bodyguard Narmonn (quest enemies in Tyr Lysia) now wear the unused "Grand Inquisitor" robes that Ascaron designed instead of generic grey robes.
  • Elite Garema now wear the full armor "set" for their subtype (vanilla game bug caused them to not wear any armor).
  • Gambling Den Owner boss is now equipped with a weapon, and has a Hard Hit attack.
  • Enemies now have better equipment variation (improved probability to use alternate weapons).

Creature Fixes

  • The Swirling Mist of Miasma now uses its special "Weakness" buffs that were designed for it (causes ice damage, lowers player stats and speed).
  • The Swirling Mist of Miasma no longer regenerates health faster than it summons undead (reduced cooldown on summoning spell).
  • Kufferath Castle is now defended by knights of its own realm (wearing Urtamark green) instead of DeMordrey soldiers.
  • Guide Jaftar (human enemy, Light path main quest) is now a boss-level opponent who uses a weapon and a Hard Hit attack.
  • Some elite Thraconians on Christmas Island who weren't properly flagged as elites now have the proper rank.
  • Some normal ranged Slave Outcasts who were wrongly flagged as elites now have the proper rank.
  • Reduced Poison DOT of Spiders' Venom Spit.
  • Reduced the damage and healing of the Spider Queen Asmarael's life leech aura.
  • Elite Yeti and Gahanka (Troll boss) now use the "Stomp" CA.
  • All Trolls and Yeti who use the "Stomp" CA now use the correct animation.
  • The Toughness skill now works properly for elite Blade Spiders.
  • Elven Apparitions now have ice resistance like other ghosts.
  • Ghost Wolves now inflict some physical damage like other ghost animals.
  • Elite Ancestral Spirits now have their missing armor and damage mitigation values, as well as physical-to-ice damage conversion.
  • Elite Scarabs are no longer missing damage and armor values. They will also now attack the player instead of standing still.
  • Bears, Boars, Spiders, Snow Leopards, and Yeti now have fur.
  • Yellow shimmer on elite enemies removed - no longer overrides special texture effects like fur.
  • Enemies will no longer spawn inside the town limits of Tharum, Na Fian, Dar Al Badja, the village by Eloeth-Sun, Badawi and the Badawi portal, or the exterior Scorpion Temple soulstone.
  • All human-race NPC's in the game were scaled up in size so they're not so short and dwarfish compared to the player and other races.
  • Female Orc Merchants now use the proper "Greetings" and "Farewell" voice files.
  • Removed Knockback effect from enemy attacks because of a serious bug where the player could become perma-stunned until reload. Only Crystal Traps and a few bosses caused this effect.
  • Mounted opponents (kobolds, goblins) now use their proper death animations instead of exploding on death.

Restored Creature Designs

  • 15 enemies have new skins (restored developer-made designs).
  • Magmadur now uses his inactive "fire dragon" creature entry instead of being a duplicate of the Grunwald Dragon.
  • Walther (Christmas Yeti boss) no longer identical to The Guardian boss. Now uses an inactive Christmas Troll design.
  • The Ice Hydra is now a more powerful boss-level opponent. It only appears in the Christmas Quest now (no longer part of the Northland Expedition - replaced with Fury Broodmother).
  • Fury Broodmother activated, uses Harpy mini-boss design, replaces the Ice Hydra as a boss in the Northland Expedition.
  • Mesmerized/Savage Werewolves (from the quest "The Werewolf Hunt") now use the unique appearance that Ascaron designed for them, and are now consistently called "Wild Werewolves" in keeping with the quest dialogue and journal.
  • Lord of the Castle NPC ("By Order of the Crown" chain quest) now uses the unique appearance that Ascaron designed.
  • Dr. Faust now uses an inactive human mage design with runic robes.
  • Generic Zombies from the Shadow Warrior's class quest ("Past Mistakes" phase) are replaced with previously inactive Undead Elves and Undead Orcs. The Undead Ogres from this same quest are upgraded to elite status.
  • The two "Master of the Hunt" orcs (Ogan Kandimiro and Lupus Coldhand) are now the unique boss creatures that Ascaron designed instead of generic orc hunters.
  • Updated Nor Plat chain quests "Hired Assassins (Light)" and "Hired Assassins (Shadow)". Corrected some text and also activated the unique NPC appearances that were designed for the characters involved.
  • Gargantura spider creature is activated and added to Cursed Forest.
  • Nur-Trak (yellow) Goblins and Ogres activated and assigned as the elites of each of their respective types.
  • Ogre clan Champion designs: Grurag (blue) and Ore-Thag (red) are activated and added to Nor Plat.
  • Black Panthers are now in Jungle region and red-striped Panthers are now activated and added to Cursed Forest.
  • Armored Red Demon Lord is activated and added to Wasteland.
  • Green Swamp Demon is activated and added to the Swamp.
  • Red Draconic Dragonfly activated and added to the Cursed Forest.
  • Arctic Wolves are activated and added to the Northland.
  • Frost Imp is activated and added to Crystal Plane.
  • Yeti Hunter is activated and added to Crystal Plane.
  • Green elite Forest Spirit is activated and added to Dyr Lain.
  • Giant Scarab (non-mutated) is activated and added to the Bengaresh Desert and Wastelands.
  • T-Energy Dragon boss and Small Mutated Dragons activated and added to the T-Energy Field. 
  • Mutated Skeletons activated and added to the T-Energy Field and western Swamp.
  • Activated 3 unused Zombie skins.
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Fantastic, it's a must have. One thing though Chrome browser on Win 10 flagged this malicious, might want to check that as I had to re download with safety settings disabled as chrome kept blocking it :D

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Thank you! I can only imagine how much time and care you put into this patch (or Expansion: I only just installed it but it's already as good as an expansion with updated everything).

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nice patches so far, but I cannot seem to download this version using either chrome or IE, it loads into a 404. any clues?

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Hi, I have a small problem

I have one hard disk whit the game installed, and for avoids reinstalls, I make in the past imports from regedit, well, I loss one reg file of ICE & BLOOD installation, so the game works but.... I can apply any patch, because the paths thinks the game isent installed, can someone please send me one import from regedit of ice & blood installed please:) I dont want to reinstall everything because takes ages from installing , updating updating updating updating installing ice & blood and agaain updating updating updating updating and the final updating of comunity path, and I have my game update up to 2.65.1, just I need that reg file for apply the CP, I m on win 10 I want to test if this path quits me freezes & crashes.


Thanks very much in advance

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Problem solved, sorry, afther think think think why why, I look again at my reg file and noticed I have bad path to game where is installed, dont know why the game works whit that bad, but since I corrected it I try again and it let me apply the CP


now I going to test how it works on win10 x64.


Mini question -- there is any kind of parameter like -multicpu or something that allow the game to use multy tread on multicore cpus:)

I ask because when this game came out I have a 4 multicore cpu at that moment a phenom I think



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32 minutes ago, bhav said:

Download isnt working, it isnt loading anything on the onedrive page it links too.



Hi Bhav, thanks for joining up :) We're just recently updated our entire forum, and we're trouble shooting all the areas.  We're looking at this download now, hoping to have it repaired quickly for the community





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1 hour ago, AlenLjubas said:

Download dont work.

Hi Alen, thanks for joining up :) We're just recently updated our entire forum, and we're trouble shooting all the areas.  We're looking at this download now, hoping to have it repaired quickly for the community





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Yeah whenever I go to download the CMP it goes to a blank Microsoft OneDrive... really wanted those lightsabers... also once its installed is there anything that will show or anything to KNOW that the CMP successfully installed?

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5 hours ago, gogoblender said:

Hi everyone! it looks like Schot's fixed the download issue

..u are all go for CMPatch download




Awesome work Gogo, pass on thanks to Schot too! Just tested it and it's working again for me :)

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Just wondering, is it possible to also host this mod on Nexus mods to provide a backup place to obtain it from?

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6 hours ago, Dragon Brother said:

Awesome work Gogo, pass on thanks to Schot too! Just tested it and it's working again for me :)

Yee haw! Thanks for the testing..  Love how comments face up into the post feeds as well



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3 hours ago, bhav said:

Just wondering, is it possible to also host this mod on Nexus mods to provide a backup place to obtain it from?

Yeah I've been planning on it, just trying to get 1.60 finished up first.  BTW there already is (and has been) a backup on Kirmizi Perfect, along with all the other Sacred 2 mods.

  • Like! 1
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Hej, thx for the CM Patch! I wanted to test it but there was a big problem with Viperish Disease so I could not play for long. The duration did not increased, it was decreased to 1,7 sec, so there is no longer time to spread and for that, no chance to play as dryad with Viperish Disease spec. I hope u can fix this or explain to me, why itis like this. 
Thanks :) 

  • Thanks! 1
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Duration was changed to avoid the spell crashing the game, because it would spread so far that it would effect hundreds of enemies at once, even several screens away.

I'll see about adjusting it for the next release.

  • Thanks! 1
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oh thaks for the quick answer! sounds kinda fun and op but game crash would be bad ^^ 
I will wait, and thanks again :)

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Great to see you are still working on the Community Patch. Looking forward to version 1.6, anything to stop my Seraphim running in circles.

  • Like! 1
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Hello, thank for this.


I'm excited for waiting the 1.60 patch .Can you improve item drop to always being visible when monster are slain ?

  • Like! 1
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