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    Hi, I tried out the cm-patch on win7-steam edition Sadly it made more problems than I expected. 1) The Questlog was Screwed up. Like the Great Wall was closed again and not able to re-open after the story progressed 2) NPCs that were supposed to be killed after talking to them in the questline didnt work, because they started to attack right in the beginning with the "?"-mark on top of their heads and it was not possible to talk with them 3) The installation of the patch screwed up registry files, which forced sacred to switch saving locations. Before the cm-patch, savefiles were saved in a private-user-account on pc. After the cm-patch, Sacred tried to save at the files of the admin-user-account, which resulted in tasks to open that asked for "admin"rights when I tried to start the game 4) Old savefiles of characters were also messed with. All in all, these facts made it super anoying to play with the cm-patch and I decided to deinstall it and fact 3) wasnt solved after using "disabling funktion" or reinstalling Sacred2. Now im still trying to solve my problems by checking the registration files at win7 ( and yes, im not a pro at that, so im looking through the net for solutions and advice).