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    Because I am interested in the Diablo Sacred 2 Fallen Mods.
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  1. For my most wonderful friend Steve. I have begun on a sword making process as a practice run, so that way if I get this right, I will know what to do for further sword making using Sketchup and I would grately appreciate your help, please go to the post in Media Matters marked: Sword Making. Practice Run 1. I do not mind correcting anything that needs correcting, hence why I have only done 3 initial stage so far, awaiting your feed back before I go any further with the sword model, with your help, I hope to make the best and most preactical sword to help me with doing other sword models in the future.

    1. Hooyaah


      Amy, I replied to your query. If you need immediate answers there is a lot of very good information online doing a key word search.

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