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  1. Anything and everything helps Steve, thank you once again. You are most welcome. Is there any good Temple guardian bulds? My room mate would like to know, thank you, so, so very much.
  2. Thank you so much Steve, I actually was not all too sure about the spectral hand, so I will definitely start consuming runes for thar that and wait to be able to mod it out, as I only have 9 skill points currently available. Your information is an absolute Boon to me, thank you so, so very much. Thank you for saying I can ask for more assistance should I need it, though the part about that the rune consumption is different for each character makes no real sense. I mean no disrepect there Steve. Looking at it from my point of view, it only makes being a different character more complicated than
  3. Thank you Lindor for a very indepth reply, I have copied everything you have mentioned and put it into a word doc, for easier reference. What a wonderful and very thoughtful response, very detailed, I cannot thank you enough for that and I am trying to do my own thing, truly so, but I keep getting nowhere, but making notes of any changes I make good or bad, is a vrey good idea, that way should I make a bad choice, I am at least to know what and where I went wrong and not end up repeating the same mistakes. So thank you for your suggestion it's an absolute Boon. I cannot thank you and evreyone
  4. Thank you Lujate, much appreciated, I was wandering about the weapons skill too.
  5. Thank you so much Steve, well I have been able to reach platinum with my invisible Shadow Warrior, with some damage now with hitting enemies with my Energy Staff weapon. Thank you for saying to not eat too many runes, could you please state simply enough for me what not to go over. Example Only 100 runes consumed, do not do this. I would appreciate that, many have said the same as you to not eat too many, but no one is actually specifying the exact figure not to go over. I hope you not mind me asking this? It's vital for me as since I do not know at all. Thank you for saying I should not feel
  7. Thank you so much Steve, sorry for the delay, that goes for everyone too, I have not been at all well and only on and off, have I been semi okay. My health is not what I would idealy like it to be, but I at least take all meds that I need and just try my best to not let my situation get the better of me, which isn't always easy, but I never stop from trying. I will look into the builds and links that you have given Steve, I much appreciate the time and effort you have put into doing them. I was utterly gutted that I got wipped out by the last boss after taking out all of the others. May I ask,
  8. Okay, I know that I have been trying my own way to play this game, but I keep hitting one very serious problem, the Sacred 2 Game Cheats, no matter what I try to do to give any character better equipment etc. Enemies and bosses can still get through, even kill me, to which I quickly eject the disc as so for the death not to register and why is there a punishment for dying anyway? It rewards you if you survive, but it seems at least to me, that dying in the game isn't really an option. If so, then which character would be the best for me to be to get to Niob first, so that way I can give other
  9. It has been a very long time since I have posted here. I hope all will like my own made Fantasy Castle, please no telling me that it's not a functional or a practical castle. It was drawn and built to be simply a Fantasy Castle Only, the wall textures of the castle were chosen for two reasons, to match with the other textures and to give the castle eyelets, for the arches to fire arrows from, my humbled apologies, I do not know the correct term, at least by all means, do tell me what that is. However, some of the archer windows/eyelets are not completely aligned right, which could have been co
  10. Gogo, I could hug you. I'm going to hug you anyway. *BIG Squeese Hug* Thank you, I actually saw this post but initially got confused by it at first, but I was able to figure out what was what in the end. I simply cannot thank you enough Gogo. How are you doing by the way? My apologises for my depressive mood. I was able to download the beta install 3.3 version of Sacred Reborn and I am happy to report that it works, now I can play my sacred gold game properly and that makes me beyond happy.
  11. Hi everyone I know I have been away for a long time and that is due to my depresssion. I do not expect anyone to understand what it is like to be depressed 24/7. Of which I am, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days and other times, I have realy very, very bad days and I am wishing my self to die. It's not a pleasant feeling and I do my best to stay and keep positive, it's not always easy though. Anyway, I can't seem to find the Secred Reborn Mod Download, I did a word search, but that did not help and I do not want to get frustrated and even more depressed struggling t
  12. Thank you Steve, I have a video downloader, but the slowing down of videos might help, so I definately look into that. Again thank you for your lovely and most wonderful feedback.
  13. Thank you Steve for your wonderful words of encouragement, I want to assure you that I will keep pushing myself to learn more and other tecniques that can be used in Sketchup. I had tried to look for a sword making tutorial for sketchup on YouTube and trust me when I say I viewed the ones that were there and they were not really that helpful to me, I will give you a few examples of how and why not. One guy talks way too fast others talk too low and not clear and the worst type of them all are tutorials without comentary, speeded up with music playing. Oh I forgot to mention, I am actally compl
  14. Thank you Steve, I understand what you said, but unfortunately the whole middle part of the sword as shown is all one thickness, sorry to say I have not as yet figured a way make it work to the speciffic measurements as you have mentioned, I am not saying that it can't be done, sadly I do not know how and there is to take into consideration also that sketchup, the tools only work in a certain way, like the 'Push/Pull Tool' I can pull up a flat surface say 1/4in high, as you have put here but the portion of that pulled up surface will be 1/4in thick from top to bottom, the reason why I us
  15. For my most wonderful friend Steve. I have begun on a sword making process as a practice run, so that way if I get this right, I will know what to do for further sword making using Sketchup and I would grately appreciate your help, please go to the post in Media Matters marked: Sword Making. Practice Run 1. I do not mind correcting anything that needs correcting, hence why I have only done 3 initial stage so far, awaiting your feed back before I go any further with the sword model, with your help, I hope to make the best and most preactical sword to help me with doing other sword models in the future.

    1. Hooyaah


      Amy, I replied to your query. If you need immediate answers there is a lot of very good information online doing a key word search.

  16. This post is especially for Steve, but also intended to help anyone else in the art of making a 3D Sword. If you know how to make one, this won't be for you. 3D Program Source: Sketchup Make 2017. First off, I import the image of the word that I want to make, for the purpose of this post, I am usign an image from a sword making link, as given to me by Steve. After Importing the image into my Sketchup work surface, I change the image into a texture, so that way I can draw over the image of the blade only. (The rest of the sword will be done later) As you will see in Image 1, that I have d
  17. Thank you for such a most heart felt message Steve, my humbled apologies of what I said, I was not trying to defend myself, only merely explain how Iam so very different and that my mind approaches thinss in a vrey different manner, sometimes I do find it difficult to balance practicality and fantasy, among other things, sadly for me fantasy and practicality do not go together and often conlicts with me. But that's my downfall. That said, I truly do aspire to rise above where possible my shortcomings. Much sincere and utmost deepst respects to you Steve, truly so. I will give some thought abou
  18. Thank you Gogo, much appreciated, I hope that Steve won't think I am being an idiot, I am sincerely not trying to be so and it's never easy for me to explain to people how I can be so good in some areas and so bad in others at the same time. I can see how and why that would be a contradiction to some people. It's not meant to be I can't help the way I am. (See my Reply to Steve) To live with being wired differently to the average person, my brain does not work the same way and not process things the same way either. It is actually very frustrating for me not be able to get across to anyone how
  19. Thank you Stve, I truly sicnerely appreciate your insights. I honestly respct them, but in all honesty I can't be practical about a fantasy product, because like I said, Fantasy suggests to me at least something not only not real, but something that in the real realm would not be practical and if it was practical it would no longer be a fantasy. Sincerely that is my mind set and I can't change that and when I try to be practical about something I do tend to over think things. Not all the time, when I am doing a car, or a train etc. Yes I am being creative, but I am being as practical as to wh
  20. Please, please look at the sword in 3D Steve with the link provided, you will see that I have given the sword a fuller and this was even before you helped me with the sword making link, I can make the pommel a bit more larger, I simply was afraid that it might look a little silly if I made it too big, judging the size is not always easy, but I do, do my best. I am glad that you like the name Steve, I thought about that a lot and had other names in mind, but I am glad that I went with that one. I do not know if you have a computer of a tablet etc. if you have a computer, just click on the link
  21. This is for Steve/Hooyaah and everyone else here. I have a new Fantasy Sword to share wih you all that I made in sketchup. This one is of my best and most detailed sword that I have ever made to date, so please bare that in mind before leaving me a comment, thank you all in advance. (See Post marked Xanyth)

    1. Hooyaah


      Amy, I have read your message and responded here.

    2. SheHawk


      Thank you.


  22. Xan is spelled in the same way as the name of Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have used the old form of Y, inplace of an I like as in Winter (Example: Wynter) Name of sword breakdown: Xan-yth. The word is eniterly made up of course and that is my approach on spelling and pronoucing it. Xanyth For a full 3D View of the model, please go here: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/af380365-1db1-40d3-8ca9-cd304bbd7580/Xanyth
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