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  1. Again thanks you very much @gogoblender! even after so many years, still people active, unbelievable. Sacred 2 is one of the best Games ever. Sacred 3 nah I won't talk about it. lol
  2. That's Nice! Hey @chattius that wasn't even so bad at all, thanks for the help @Flix I got an other question about an other skill "he_st_eissplitter" something with ice splinter not sure exactly. there is this line multiple times (with differend numbers) Question A : Why are there multiple times the line entry with differend numbers? Question B : On this example below, works allmost the same, as with "et_runSpeed", 300, 3, 2, 42" right? 4900 = (base), 415 =(upgrade gain) , 0 = second modifier (not sure exaclty how it works, seems like an multiplier?!) an
  3. yep for sure there are entry 1-5 first. et_walkspeed, I'll test it, the last sentence is a bit difficult for me to translate. or rather to understand. you're a german too right? maybe but not here you can explain me that on my own language. maybe via PM? at least if you're right about that. if not maybe there is someone else who knows about it, and maybe can help. I come from an discord, there has the name fallen, "@flix or @dimitrius" maybe they have a bit time, to explain me that.
  4. first of all thanks! ;) I saw few people are activ, modders too, means thats kinda helpfull, because like I said I programmed a lot too, but for other games. Right now am trying to make the game for me for fun, with more complexity. back to topic then okay well I just added an entry under one of the buffs, in my case right now crystal skin my entry is "entry6 = {"et_runSpeed", 300, 3, 2, 42 }," (dont take the numbers too seriously its just testing) I really have NO idea what this "300, 3, 2, 42" means, the first one is the base?! means 300%?
  5. Hello Am new Here,,, but got some questions. I have knowlege about modding, c# and Xml, etc. got mods on nexus, so am bascally not an noob. just a new game in which I'll want to start modding. About reworking spells/ buffs. I want to add for some buffs, Attack Speed, cast speed and Movement speed. the point is even if I add walk or run speed nothing changed. then I got few quesions about what means this "entry3 = {"et_missile_adapt", 4900, 415, 0, 9 }," I want to know "4900, 415 ,0, 9" dont worry I modified it allready, but I would like to know for what the
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