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  1. Star64

    Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    Unless I was doing something wrong, I don't think you can unlock them again and again for each difficulty level. (or do you need to delete the old items first?) Though there's ways around this (like creating a new character and using the Sacred2CharacterEditor to boost their level, then unlock the items for your chest) BTW why are we still PM'ing the codes? are they really some big secret now? it's 4 years later and they're posted all over google. might as well just add them to this thread, no?
  2. Star64

    A little new and a liitle old

    don't delete everything in graphics13.zip otherwise you're removing some of the added cm patch stuff. you only need to delete the following folders in graphics13.zip: data hq\gui after doing that you'll have the sexy Ice & Blood UI again. also you don't need to replace font2.tga, cm patch doesn't touch it. the other 3 it does.
  3. Star64

    Map of Ancaria (for Print)

    THANKS! I've been looking for this map since the google map thing went down.
  4. Star64

    Best OS to run Sacred 2 on?

    Like Kiyeri said, the game runs pretty much flawlessly in XP-32 but I'm trying to narrow down if the issue is only in 64-bit OS's or not. I've read that 32bit games on 64bit have to use a sort of emulation, and they end up using more memory than if they were natively running on 32bit so this could be a major cause of most issues. The game was developed on/for XP-32 though, and Vista was an afterthought. Even with Ice & Blood, latest patches, CM-patches, and every kind of compatibility and/or memory tweak I could find, the game still runs like crap on Vista-64 and Win7-64. (Like I said, constant stuttering, hitching, memory leaks, crashing). The only real solution for modern OS's is to turn off Elite textures and PhysX since those further exacerbate the memory leaks, but I'm looking to get the best Sacred2 experience with those enabled. Well I'll try Win7-32 and Vista-32 over the weekend maybe and post my results here, but I still have my doubts. I think XP-32 is the only way to run the game as intended. (Or possibly XP-64 too, but I can't remember my results from that)
  5. Star64

    Best OS to run Sacred 2 on?

    Hmm, thanks. Maybe the issues are only isolated to 64-bit OS's then. I'll have to try Win7-32 and Vista-32 to see if they run as smooth, since I'd love to run this with SLi enabled. (no SLi support for 6xx cards in XP)
  6. Star64

    Best OS to run Sacred 2 on?

    Well, Sacred 2 on XP-32 is running flawless even with nvidia SLi unavailable on my geforce 6xx. Fluid 60fps gameplay, no hitches or stuttering with physx and elite textures enabled. FPS only drops when trees go transparent through camera. I kinda wanted to run this with all kinds of fancy antialiasing too, but I guess that's still out of reach without using SLi. 5 video card generations later and I still can't max this game out lol. Also, I replaced my sound card with a X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty which has win XP drivers, and OpenAL/EAX effects seem to be working great. One strange issue, is when I pop open pots and chests, the items pop up and to the ground in slow motion (Edit: even loot from enemy corpses). I don't remember this happening before. I've got the latest CM-patch 130, maybe this is somehow PhysX related? (Though I had PhysX before and it didn't have this issue) Edit: also very sad to hear that closed net is gone. I assume open net is gone too since the servers were shut down? LAN play is the only option now? such a shame, this game is one of my favorite games of all time and I've found nothing quite like it.
  7. I've always had issues with Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 (memory leaks, constant stuttering, and crashes with PhysX and/or Elite textures) Windows XP 32bit always had the best experience for me, however support for XP with newer hardware is fading fast... first my sound card, now my video card (no SLi on GTX 6xx in XP). Anyone have opinions on the best OS to run Sacred 2 on? Does Vista 32 and Windows 7 32 run it just as well as XP 32? even with PhysX and high res textures? And no stuttering or crashes? Or is XP-32 still the only way to go for the best Sacred 2 experience? Edit: Also, I have tried every tweak for vista/7 64-bit OS's but nothing made it stable or fluid enough for good gameplay like it runs on XP-32, though I haven't tried vista/7 32-bit yet.
  8. I FOUND A FIX! An AWESOME save game editor that even allows you to change your hairstyle, hair color, imp color, and skin colors PERMANENTLY! This is the default style for the seraphim pre-Ice and Blood shown below Download Link Source code credit to "Karach0s" from www.cheathappens.com (you can find his original post here)
  9. Yeah I've confirmed it's somehow the save file, since new characters look fine. I got a response on the official Sacred2 forums by Marcuswob (author/contributor of the community patch) But I'm not sure if this is isolated to ONLY US+UK installs or other regions mixed. I'm not sure I'm reading this right, but it's saying ALL saves ported from 2.43 would be effected by this? Or maybe he just means some experience bugs like this. Or is he talking abuot the community patch causing this? I would think not, right? he says "addon" so I'm guessing Ice & Blood addon. I really want to test with pure UK+UK with an older save and see if this happens again. I wonder if there's some kind of command to change skin colors, like "SYS HAIRCOLOR" for hair. or if it would be possible to locate the skin color in the game save. (decoded with s2dec.exe first)
  10. Possibly... It's a US fallen angel so I had to patch it to the 2.40 first. although I think Ice & Blood has some patches on the disc so maybe I dind't have to. anyways I'll have to try my pure UK install later that I downloaded a few years ago when I was "trying" the game. So even on open.net my bf says I look pale white to him too. so I don't know if it's broadcasting the screwed up color or if both our games are screwed up. (he installed his the same way I did mine) I'll fiddle around with reinstalls later and report back here. Thanks for all the replies sofar.
  11. Hmm... I think it's somehow related to the save file, because my other seraphim looks fine. and my white seraphim looks fine on the character selection screen. hmm... wonder if it would be even worth reinstalling and such to troubleshoot. just really bugs me that my seraphim is white now... @Spunky: by any chance did you use a save file editor on your HE? Or have you changed hair color with the "sys haircolor" command? I'm thinking maybe our saves could've gotten corrupt somehow by it in Ice and Blood possibly? I dunno...
  12. hmmm, so it's not just me then. and not just limited to seraphim I wonder if our installs are somehow corrupt? or maybe the save files? I'll investigate some more and see what I come up with...
  13. Well I just removed the community patch, still the same color... so It wasn't that.
  14. Hmm... odd. Could it be maybe the community patch? Or would installing Ice & Blood somehow screw up my elite graphics? Elite was still able to be selected just fine. I'm really confused why my seraphim looks so different now. I patched: Sacred2-US-2_40_0_0.exe Sacred2-UK-2_64_0_0-2_65_1_0.exe Sacred2-MULTI-2_65_1_0-2_65_2_0.exe cm-patch.zip BTW here's some of my "before" shots: (with different gloves)
  15. Hey all, I just installed Ice & Blood and the community patch today. But to my dismay, after logging in my Seraphim has a blueish-white tint and glow to her skin. It definitely looks less real than it did before. At first I thought it was just because it was night, but I tested during daytime and night, and in different locations. Was this changed in Ice & Blood? Or the community patch? Or is it because I now have UK files installed? (I.e. was the skin always this way in UK but not US?) Also, I notice the face tattoo is blue too now. It used to be black. Lips look a little different too, and the chains on the neck/breast armor are blueish as well. I really don't like the skin Here's a screenshot, sorry for the really large png file. (it may take a minute to load) I can post a comparison shot too if anyone wants so you can see the before/after.