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  1. Thank you! What I meant by I kill everything is that I have killed every enemy that I have come across, (this does not include the following: sakkara demons, and most high level bosses in uw) when I have soaring daemon activated via CA. When I cast dread, I just kill things. I don't know if it is easier to hit them but there is a little change in them hitting me. At a low level, to me dread looked like something that would buff my damage output, however judging by the discussion it seems that dread buffs my chance to hit and their chance to miss. Interesting... Currently I am level 101(yay!) and play on LAN most of the time. I used to play on open, but when my game corrupted I had to uninstall and now even though I still have my CD-Keys from my two previous games (my dogs chewed on of them up) and my password from one, my username is quite the mystery to me. Once I get online again (by some odd and excruciatingly hard means), I hope to catch you ingame also.
  2. Hi gogo, nice to meet you too! (this is one of the reasons that I really like DARK... they are so outgoing and friendly!) I don't really use it to increase evading blows, more of a buff for my blows. My current combo(/CA) setup: (soaring daemon main, fire daemon for Area of Effect on my second combo) 1 Combo Dread->Infernal Power->Descent(when I want a fast kill on anything) 2 Combo Fire Daemon->Dread->Call of Death->GrEnAdA 3 Soaring Daemon (gets me airborne) 4 Blazing Dis 5 Hell Sphere
  3. My use (singular) for dread is as a combo slot. For instance: Soaring Daemon->Dread(highest level with .1 recharge increase)->Dread(ditto)->Soaring Daemon(Descent) works decently well, but is only not a waist of money when you have your final build, or are willing to spend a while calculating recharges.
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