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  1. Onward to Niobium! When I last left off, I had just killed the dragon boss under Seraphim island. Progressed through the Carnach caves and onto the demon himself without issue. In the swamp, the most annoying area of the game, I decide to get some map reveal done however did end up dying twice... both times because of the pesky spitting spiders. After the first time, I put the recovery elixirs on R to reach easily but even the second death I was spamming both health and recovery elixirs and couldn't overcome the massive stacks of DoT. There is some amount of lag (esp. with heal
  2. That was kindof my personal take on the Ice Lord... but seeing as he's not in the console version I had no experience with him in "vanilla". I approve of your thinking there and it is the way most optional bosses work for (all) RPG's. The only real takeaway I had was that Bloodclaw didn't have such a pronounced difficulty spike however he's still VERY dangerous if you don't know about his WIDD (even for vanilla). IF Ice Lord does have some serious phys armour/mitigation then I am not sure fire vulnerability is needed since some lava chunks/conversion gloves will do wonders for th
  3. Running around Nor-Plat I came across the Ice Lord. As I don't ever recall fighting this guy I thought I'd take a "Schot" at it Got thrown off with the fact you gotta interact with it to start the fight, which really threw me off and ended up getting KO'ed trying to re-cast my FF and applying DS and not watching my HP Went back to give him a second go; and holy moly either his health is ridiculous, or armour/mitigation is super high vs my Phys damage. Since I'm rofl-coptering the story bosses I know it's not my raw damage output so maybe I'll have to socket some lava chunk and try again s
  4. ... and the story continues The initial shopping spree in Plat - 20 million going in and only spent around 10 mil; however I wasn't too crazy about how the final gearing worked out. Wandering around western Tyr Lysia feeding on a diet of kobolds, brigands with the odd side of bacon and things didn't seem too bad. Clear speed OK, however I felt that the defenses weren't quite there. This feeling manifested itself when I headed east out of Thylisium at level 62 and started encountering some purple-circled level 75 undeads. They were manageable, depending on the texture of the gro
  5. Soooooo... another unfortunate "user error" - tried to rush thru Givrm and Caenach island portion of the Dryad Isle and forgot to pop a health potion Suffered the first 'real' death in Gold going thru the Wasteland - Demon Mage. TBH, I was aware of them and always healing early - taking a few shots from them here and there I figured they were doing 33-50% of my health pool so was playing safe but I was almost out of the demon area to the last save point before entering the machine area (where the TG's first start showing up) and BAM - the very last place one could spawn did spawn, caught m
  6. The story continues... Pushing quests in Tyr Lysia and suffered a death trying to tank a boulder toss from Ghanka at 25% HP. <sigh> Dumb ass is as Dumb ass does I guess. I was questioning the value of questing for XP gain when I came across the "breaking the news" quest - which involves an escort portion of this chain. I *LOATHE* the escort quests and this dumb ass goes running off getting himself into trouble with mobs on multiple occasions; and then eventually get myself killed jumping into a fray to try to rescue him, opening the map to try to tp back to town to save us
  7. Thanks for the welcome backs Lujate and Gogo No I really have no urge to play Diablo 2 so that mod really has no interest, but it's some amazing work to put in to transform I am sure so kudos to Flix for his creation Continued to push my Inquisitor thru silver; ending up in the Wasteland and facing down the Guardians at level 33 I do recall being into Gold typically mid-40s but not this early. This is waaay too early. Then the "logical" thought popped into my head... while I'm here why not give it a try? Had a 9th death climbing the hill to get here so nothing to lose by it
  8. Hello all Some may remember me, but I wouldn't blame you if ya don't... it's been almost a decade since I last posted After luckily avoiding the hot mess that was the Wolcen release, I had an urge to play a different ARPG other than PoE which I enjoy quite a bit. As I was still a mod here I get the occasional email when someone uploads a file or whatnot it put Sacred 2 into my thoughts, and I thought "why not" give it a good honest revisit. Back in the day I did 100's of hours; albeit on the console (PS3) and had bought the Gold version on Steam when I first got a PC but didn't en
  9. Cool.. Good to see some replies coming in. Since there doesn't seem to be a LOT of Darkies playing GD I think maybe the best way to organize will be directly thru Steam? Maybe whoever wants to can PM me their Steam handle and I can send a friend request, and we'll take it from there... or if you want to add me, I am essjayehm on Steam, but I won't accept an invite unless it is obvious who you are (so just PM me, please).
  10. Welcome to the forums, YoodenVranx! I have not played a lot of PC Sacred 2 but I do have some answers for you I inserted into the quote below
  11. Heyo everyone! Been away for a while sinking most of my spare time into Grim Dawn. Been in and out here and there but since I've not been playing Sacred I really haven't had much to say (or any comments I would have would be based on fuzzy memories of when I was playing). But now that GD is a mere couple of weeks away from Multiplayer being implemented, I wanted to get in contact with the D.a.r.k members to see if anyone is interested in some kind of playgroup. Personally I'm not against jumping in with a bunch of randoms but I would definitely prefer to have some friends to hack and
  12. Welcome to the forums, NocheEstrellada! I have some answers for you 1) Fire/Magic/Poison damage +x% increases your "non-weapon" CA damage. Weapon Fire/Magic/Poison damage only increases damage dealt with your weapon - both normal attacks and CA's that use your weapon. 2) Weapon Fire damage +29 gives you a flat 29 extra fire damage when you hit with your weapon... whereas the Weapon Fire damage +8% Physical Regeneration increases your fire damage by a variable amount, depending on what your Phys Regen is. 3) Yes 4) I am not sure. I think not, but it could have an effect.
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