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Found 2 results

  1. I have restarted my seraphim for the 5th time already. I kept messing up. I dunno, I think to myself "I will just be a Exalted seraphim" But when I reach level 6, I started using up Celestial light runes and other CAs. I just want to use every skill of the seraphim (Like what I did in Sacred gold) any time I want. But the question is, When I take up all of the Aspect focus skills for the tree aspects, will this be an advantage in the later part of the game? I wont need the bargaining skill due to the Baance.txt editing (Thank God, I saved 2 Skill slots for this )
  2. Rechecking my build and reading this forum, I noticed that Concentration and Combat Discipline may be wasted skills if you don’t use more than 2 combat arts in a combo or more than 1 buff, and their other benefits may be replaced for more useful skills (correct me if I am wrong). Concentration (at level 75) ● Regeneration Time -47% Combat Discipline (at level 75) ● Regeneration Time -20% ● Damage +1356 Aspect Focus (at level 75) ● Regeneration Time -64,3% ● Spell levels are raised even higher without penalty. Aspect Lore (at level 75) ● Damage +180,8% (refer to table below) ● Critical Hit chance +9% ● Execution Speed +36% Now what I want to know... 1) I am asking focusing only on the Seraphim because other classes may has different necessities. 2) I am using ALL of them 8 skills right now, so If I remove Concentration and/or Combat Discipline, I will NOT will have 75 or 150 points to spend on focus and lore, instead I will add another 2 (like Constitution and/or Shield) with 75 each one. So there will be a reduction on damage & regeneration. 3) The last (and probably the decisive for me)... is there a way to add those combo & buff slots by editing the game? (of course, this last point is only valid for offline single player game).