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  1. Hey! Just started playing Sacred 2 again and I felt the urge to make this mod Check it out: DL LINK / TRAILER VIDEO
  2. Check it Here Sample: Happy holidays BTW
  3. I noticed thay while in the combat state, whenever I press shift, my toon does some defensive/dodging animation. I tried collecting some wolves and pressing shift nonstop actually helps in dodging auto attacks. Or it's just me? My question is, is holding the shift key doing something or its just merely there for the sake of animation. Also, are there other keys that has an animation binded to it?
  4. Thanks gogo! You too. I have 4days off so I will play sacred 1 and 2 indefinitely. I love how you still keep this forum alive (together with the other active members )
  5. https://sevpoots.wordpress.com/2016/12/07/solved-sacred-gold-low-fps-on-intel-hd-video-cards/ FIXED IT
  6. SOLUTION HERE: https://sevpoots.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/solved-sacred-gold-graphics-glitchbug-for-windows-7-or-vista-intel-hd-graphics-4000/
  7. Hi again! I was now able to purchase a cheap laptop for myself after 8 years xD I reinstalled Sacred gold and I also have fraps. I noticed that the game is max capped at 40fps super zoomed and half zoomed. And at max zoom I get 20fps. I can play sacred 2 at 50+ fps on this machine. Anything that I can tweak to increase fps? Specs: i5 / Intel HD 4000 / 4gb Ram / Windows 7 64bit
  8. I watched some videos of sacred then saw a seraphim do a flaring movaa on some kind of ledge which knockbqcked the goblins and pushed them off a cliff. Is this possible ingame? If yes I would all use chance for kmowback items xD
  9. Do you have a downlaod link for these? I wanna play as the dryad but man she ....... different xD
  10. I like the falamruixiwnos disbwjs wheb they try yp run away
  11. Hello! I have just found ouy about the past of Sacred. So this was supposed to be armalion right? I saw the trailer and I was beyond amazed!! Lots of content was cut from the final game (I also saw them saying that the game was about 76% finished before being cancelled) What I remember is: -there are male/female variations of heroes (but I found this boring as they are your stereotypical rpg heroes, the heroes we have now are far more uniquie imo) -the gameplay is a lot slower and it kinda looks like it would have been kinda final fantasy ish with the way they move to another area -ANIMATIONS WERE EXCELLENT!! THERE was a scene on the trailer where the glad and woodelf were trying to balance themselves on a pole whike trying to escape. Each of them has a different animation. Another clip showing the thief class pickpocketing an npc. Another one shows a dwarf sneaking behind the 2d walls of the houses. My fave one would be the two warriors climbing the walls of another building. Oh sacred could have been more fun :/ I also saw some pics and there are actually specufic death animations. When a giant kills you , they will lift you up and throw you. Another one I saw is a floating monster pulling the warrior away from her team mate. I would like to post pics but Im using my sh*tty android phone right now haha. Tl:dr I would have loved Sacred More if it has those animations back and wished it wasnt cancelled. But if it never got cancelled, we wont have the vampiress and the seraphim.... Discuss pls!! Are there any other sites that showcase Sacred 1.0? XD
  12. Download the sacred model extractor and the tga files are all there. I use it to make graphics mods and you can check out some at my youtube channel /SevPOOTS
  13. I saw a gladiator battleaxe once. I wanted my seraphim to wield it but... ....."What should I do with that?!"
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