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Playing with 2 accounts?

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just bought an another copy of Sacred2. On my other PC I revoked the activation and used the new activation code without any problem - the game starts and it tells me I activated it. Now I go to multiplayer and try to create a new account - thats the point I bought an another copy - but now I cant do that. Here Sacred 2 tells me that my code is not yet activated. I have no clues what to do now or how to proceed... any ideas?


I would appreciate a solution :D

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on a closer look itells me exactly: "Your activation code is not valid"


err... I activated and it started the game. The problem comes when I try to start a new account.


Even more confused....

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Ok sorted out the problem.


Its partially my fault because I didnt researched the stuff before I went out and bought a new copy of the game.


The first time I bought the collectors edition but this time the localised version of the game (Hungary).


Of course the 2 versions activation keys and lobbys are different and cannot be used together.


Now I bought an absolutely unnecessary 2nd account which I will never use - cannot use. Great.



But why I am surprised.... messing up stuff is standard Ascaron routine.

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Localised lobbys is actually the publisher's "fault". If they were happy to all pay for a common set of servers for everyone (regardless of who they bought Sacred 2 from), then we'd have a single lobby, but they weren't, so we don't.


So this one isn't actually Ascaron's fault (for a change).

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The story continues....


I asked CDV (they were really helpful & friendly) for help and they made my 2nd activation key region free. Sweet. I can activate the game without any problem but when I try to create a new online account it says: "invalid activation code".

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