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  1. Just checking to see if you saw my join clan request gogo. The servers were a little wonky today so just making sure it went thru. Oh and I met up with a D1 boss who will remain unnamed (don't want to ruin surprise for anyone). I am proud to say I killed him without taking a single HP of damage. (Well, he glitched in a door as I ran for my life upon seeing him and him giving immediate chase,. So I was able to gleefully smack him around at my leisure , but hey, a win is a win, regardless of style)
  2. I tried to explore as much as I could and every where I went the enemies were always within 1-3 levels of me. From what I understand I could be doing an event where you have to say, kill all monsters. I could be level 25 and enemies will be very close to my level. But someone who is level 10 could also be participating in the same event and enemies will, for him, be around his level. It means any level player can play with any other level players even during events. It is weird to see your level 25 toon taking a noticeably longer time to kill monsters that the much lower level toon is mowing down. So getting the right gear is going to be super important. I was noticing it and though I didn't level up beyond level 25. If you pick the wrong skills or have bad luck with gear it seems you will struggle. And I can't go some place where the enemies are 5-10 levels below me and farm them for a while for gear or get Obols to gamble with for items. There isn't really an area that if I'm over my head, I can back track to and re-do some earlier regions. I didn't hit a road block or anything during the Beta that prevented me from exploring any area, I just noticed that mediocre gear will slow you down more than any other factor you can control. And if you have bad luck with gear, there isn't a simple solution to improve it. But it was only the Beta and most likely I haven't seen all the mechanics/itemization/features etc available for my toon at lower levels. I've seen several posts on their forum about it and I'm sure much will change before the game goes live (crossing fingers). Just something I have some concerns about.
  3. My over all impressions so far... Pros Combat is smooth and responsive. Like how all the skills feel and look. Seems Diablo always nails the combat aspect of their games The part of the main campaign story so far has been good with very good voice actors. Cut scenes look great. You can skip them if you hold ESC I do like the random events you come across as you explore. Typically show up as an orange circle on map. Cons I just never felt like I was getting more powerful. With the enemies always leveling up with you, I never had the feeling of finally being able to whoop enemies that might have been a little difficult in earlier levels. I understand why they did it but I do miss the feeling of finally being much stronger than them. Active Skills have 5 levels (and 2 modifiers) and Passive ones can have 3 typically. It might just be because I'm not high enough level yet but increasing skill levels didn't seem to affect much. And as far as I can tell, I won't be able to assign attribute points. I was hoping I could make characters focus on say Strength for the Barb or Int for Sorc. But it seems only way to increase them is through gear . I think D4 will be heavily gear-dependent. I was able to get Legendaries on all equip slots by level 15. Mostly by gambling for them. From what I have read D4 Legendary items = D3 Magic or 'yellow' items. But I really think D4 progress will be dependent on gear. Bad gear and enemies at same level as you might make for a bad time. Played a rogue that got good drops/gambled and one that had horrible drops and the difference was huge. You won't be able to farm an easier area because, very simply, there won't be one. Sure there might be one where you are strong against that particular type of attack, say Fire or Cold, but beating up enemies a few (or several) levels below you is impossible. Hmm my Con list is getting long. Nothing really is a deal breaker for me, but I do worry about re-playability. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during both Beta weekends and a lot of my concerns may be me not fully understanding the mechanics yet. But I do really hope my characters are not defined solely by the gear they have equipped. On a side note. Are we thinking about setting up a D.A.R.K Clan? Though I did not try to party up with anyone, many people are complaining that assembling parties with people not in your Clan or Friends list is problematic. @ gogo I believe Respec is free up to clvl 15, then cost increases as you get higher in clvl
  4. Hey Gogo Yeah it's been a bit since I've been around. Haven't played anything really in the last few years except Rimworld. Tried to get back into D2 and D3 but just couldn't find the desire to play much of them. I don't think it's porting to mobile, maybe the better word I should have used was console which I know it'll be on. I usually go for the big ugly brute types..like the Sacred 2 Shadow Warrior or Diablo's Barb. But I've taken a liking to D4's Rogue, which I'll probably start with unless the Druid blows me away during next Beta. Just glad to be excited about playing Diablo again.
  5. Thank you for the tips Masteff....had absolutely no idea or even noticed the triangle on boss health bar. I did notice the Healer refilled my potions but since she does offer elixirs and show health pots too, just thought I could buy some. I did play a Rogue after getting a Barb to level 20, so it must have been an account bonus he got. Never looked at bonuses during the beta. I am a bit near sighted now so most of the text is blur unless I have my reading glasses on and my face about a foot from the monitor. Will look into GUI scaling this upcoming beta or just go get some bigger screens (or maybe both) It does seem the UI is phone based especially the Emote wheel, but not really a an issue for me.
  6. Played a bit this weekend and a few thoughts First off.......Fresh Meat!!...I was not ready for that individual making a cameo appearance. And he is tough. Won't say any more but dang. I hadn't had that feeling in a Diablo game since first meeting him in D1. Even though it was an open world, I didn't really bump into other players too much, and usually only interacted during 'Events' that are scattered around the map. Dungeons are solo only unless you're in a party. Didn't get to participate in a World Event/World Boss. I wanted to but never happened to be on-line when one was happening.(if they were in this beta) The feel of combat was fine though I do have to figure out the weapon slots. Not sure how or if they are tied to a skill, or how to change, but didn't look into it too much. The combat felt more "meaty", watching enemies get stunned or knocked back or just being temporarily dazed was cool. I felt strong and kinda bad-arsed when I could just whack on an elite and he could never recover before I whacked him again. Potions are a bit different. You have to upgrade them instead of just finding bigger versions during leveling up your toon. And you can only hold so many. Barbarian started with 4, the Rogue with 5. Though they do drop fairly often from enemies and even bosses during the fight. Wasn't able to buy any but not sure if that was a beta thing. The Skill Tree is interesting...need to really look more into it than I did. (I just wanted to play ). But at least there is a tree. Missed having that in D3. Wasn't able to test out horses as I believe they weren't available in beta. Least I never figured out how to get one. Over all the combat is smooth and to me, rewarding. The graphics are good and what story we got seemed pretty decent. The Barb is under-powered/gear dependent, the Rogue is a combination of the old Amazon/Assassin and is an easy class to play, and the Sorc is way over-powered, so they kept that tradition going.
  7. I would put Grim Dawn right up there in the top 3 games I've played. Diablo II will always be #1 I think just because I grew up with that game. so to speak. That was the game the got me hooked on RPG's. Sacred 1 would be #2 (Sorry Sacred 2, while I liked the game, it never pulled me in liked Sacred did) and Grim Dawn has to be at least #3. At this moment I have 7,661 hours played according to Steam I know some of those hours are due to me pausing game overnight and then playing again next day, but I would say at least 5,000 hours is legit playing. I think the biggest selling point for me is the sheer number of builds and play styles, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Even with all those hours played, I still haven't beaten game on Ultimate, It seems once I get to Ultimate, I always to start a new build I've been thinking about. The dev's are constantly updating and balancing game. Though I do agree the forums can be a cesspool at times. I stopped posting in there years ago. Great single player game. If you mostly play MP I would give it a pass though. I never had good luck with that.
  8. Definitely getting D4. Will probably be playing Day One. Now just have to wait for that to come
  9. While I won't say I didn't take Covid seriously, it just seemed like it was something that happened to other people. I have been in and out of soooo many ambulances, hospitals, Covid testing sites etc for communications support and I didn't even have a stray sneeze. I have been in numerous offices/buildings/trailers where people have had Covid. Heck, after the first week or two after shut down, my shop was literally back to normal with the exception of wearing masks. We really thought we would have time to do all these little projects we have wanted to do for years around the shop. But it was back to the grind after a week of talking about it. So now we're a year in and thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel with Covid. And then reality slapped us in the face...HARD. Everyone in my shop has gotten Covid within the last month, except for me. How I have not gotten it, I have no idea. And it's bad, really bad....if anyone compares it to a flu, well umm no. We've had 2 hospitalized and the rest look worse than I could ever imagine. My boss got it the worst and I have never been more scared for him. I really thought he was on death's door. He ended up being in ICU for a week and the hospital for 2. He just came back to work today, but he looks soo weak and fragile. While I have had 2 relatives die from Covid, both were elderly and had existing health problems ( definitely sucked but I could rationalize it in my head). But the guys at my shop are basically very healthy. No one has any major health issues. I've just been holding down the fort, hoping/waiting for everyone to recover...which it looks like will happen...everyone should make a full recovery...just some might take a bit. I think my boss will be feeling some effects for a while. Really really really hope this is over soon. I plan to get vaccinated next week so hopefully it won't affect our shop directly again. At home the kiddo is fine and everyone else in my immediate family has been vaccinated. Hope everyone out there is staying safe.
  10. I bumped into this while looking into D4 and the re-release of D2. For anyone that played D2, and especially if you played MP, this is definitely worth a watch
  11. It really looks like they're going back to what made Diablo I & 2 great. An actual skill tree....I cannot possibly express how disappointed I was that D3 didn't have it...none of my builds/characters felt unique, nothing special to them. Even my flawed builds had something special about them that made them mine in D2. Look like D4 will have repsec (at a cost). That was something I initially was against until I played Grim Dawn and used it a few times when I selected a skill that didn't work as I expected.
  12. It's an early access game, but you need to actually buy it to play it. Right now it's 19.99 USD on Steam. Here's what they wrote about what to expect during early access. Why Early Access? “We want the game to be properly tested in the field while we implement the core features. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an ambitious project and we want to share its evolution with the Community, gather feedback, and improve the game accordingly. The game has a lot of replayable mechanics to test as well and we want to make sure that these mechanics are appreciated and polished. An Early access is a perfect way to achieve these goals.” Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? “It is important to us that Wolcen is properly polished before its release. We hope to move to Beta during 2018. We will keep the Community informed on important future dates for Wolcen with news on Steam, the Official website, and on the Social medias.” How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? “The Early Access version of the game will include the major gameplay features. The storyline, main quests, side quests, and other contents will only be available once the game is released.” What is the current state of the Early Access version? “The game presently allows you to visit an alpha quest zone for 3-5 hours, leading you to level 13-14. You can then reach level 20 and explore the world, farm for equipment in the bounty’s infinite dungeon, make PVE challenges in the arena for exceptional rewards, or participate to the daily dungeon and compete with other players for the best time. You can access around 400 skills in the Passive Skill Tree split in 11 archetypes so far (on 20 planned). Wolcen doesn’t force you to choose any class, so feel free to mix these archetypes for a customized experience of the game! Around 20 spells are implemented (signature skills excluded) and more are coming. These spells can be improved as you use them and have various cool effects to increase their power and efficiency. The environment will react to your actions and you can perform elemental combos to affect your enemies.” Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access? “Yes. As the content gets implemented, the price of the game will increase progressively.” How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? “The community has various ways to communicate and share with us, on these last 2 years we have been able to improve the game a lot thanks to the community feedback and reports. Official forums and Steam forums can be used to express issues, ideas, feedback in general, or even report bugs. Trello is used for the Roadmap, Suggestions and the Bug tracker. We also gather your reactions from various social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, streamers in general). If we can, we participate to streaming and provide answers to some questions. Finally, all developers are on Wolcen’s official server on Discord. All the useful links to communicate with us are available here: https://wolcengame.com/forums/topic/usefull-links-for-wolcen/. We have a dedicated Community Manager to take care of our Community and ensure that while we develop the game we all stay connected to your needs, your opinions, and what you expect from us so our great game will also be your great game.”
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