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lujate's D.a.rk. application

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I have been playing Sacred since last October. I started out on ps3 and only moved to PC in March.


Favorite pizza topping-ham

Favorite drink-coffee

Heard about darkmatters.org-SIF

Most favorite book ever-Merlin Trilogy

Current favorite video game-Sacred 2 (is this a trick question?)

Best video game ever played-Final Fantasy on NES

Favorite sport-archery

What do you want for your birthday- for no one to remember it

Do you know anyone from the forum- yes. Gogo, Furian and others

Personally vouch-Gogo recommended that I apply, so he probably would

Rules of the Fellowship-yes


I think that is all. Let me if I left anything out.

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Ah ha... Bingo and Bravo for the application Lujate! I was hoping to catch you on the servers today and we finally got to meet up... and yeah was a whirl wind intro with all the servers huh^^ Ayup... that's D.a.r.k! :devil:


I'm going to forward your application internally where the clan can discuss and then we'll have response for you in just a few days.


Thanks btw for all the hours you've put into the Wiki and now, it looks like the funness is even getting you into the servers where...muhahah captive audience... :devil:







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