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Offering Scourge of Lordaeron set for the Shadow Warrior

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Hello all, I'm a longtime player and recent forum member.

After reading much of the forums, and seeing a fair number of items available for download, I thought I would offer a contribution.

I have in my possession, the complete silver level 15, silver level 30, and gold level 45-50 sets for the seraphim, Sophor Aethernis, and Virtues of the seraphim.


I also have the level silver level 15-20 Scourge of lordaeron set for the shadow warrior.


I realize these might not be very useful to many, as progressing from 15-100 takes all of 10 hours played, I felt I should offer for those who may be interested.


At any rate, I'm a little stupid when it comes to uploading things, so if a moderator would like to PM me, I'm sure we can arrange something.

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Welcome to DarkMatters Al!


Great first post, and I think your set for Scourge of Lordaeron is going to make a LOT of readers happy :bounce:


One of our members, Wolfie, who had put up most of the downloads, also actually put together a super walk through for how to make DarkMatters downloads here:


How to upload files to DarkMatters' Download Section successfully


I'm sorry, I just realized I had stickied it in another section, but now it's in our downloads section.


Does that guide help?





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hey dude what is going on I would like to know did u upload this ? if so I can not find it also if u post it can u let me know the ammount of money it is worth ? thank u in advance

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