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Sacred 2 Age of Heroes [MOD]


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So I've been thinking about updating this mod for CM Patch 1.50... well actually I AM going to update it, but just for myself, so I can actually play it, and maybe learn some tricks in the process. The question is whether there's any player base left that would want it enough for me to publish the updated version.


I tried to get in touch with the mod author, but no success. I've had responses from various mod authors about these kind of updates, ranging from "thanks, you're awesome" to "don't care" to "keep yer stinkin' paws offa my mod, you damn dirty %^&*!" but mostly I've just had silence which I take to mean the mod is long dead and abandoned by its creator.

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First I'd like to thank the author for making this mod, also thank you Flix for your hard work on Enhanced spells and Diablo 2 fallen mod!


I was starting a new playthrough on Sacred 2 and im still choosing which mod to use from these 3. Tried installing this mod for CM Patch 1.50 and I always get crashes after playing about 15 mins in game... I found it very fun that godspell is replaced with summoning heroes to help you in your quests, so you are not alone anymore :) It would be nice if the world had many more spawn points for hero battles, too bad mod wasnt finished...


If you manage to get mod working with CM 1.50 im sure someone would be interested now or in the future, so its always good to publish the mod :)


Also adding compatibility, or a version of your other mods with integrated age of heroes would be awesome if possible! Thanks!


Thanks for the response! I actually already published the newly updated Age of Heroes on the Sacred2Nexus this week! I've been meaning to make a post(s) about all the updated mods that I've been adding to the Nexus. I'm just trying to knock out the last few mods first.


I'm not surprised you got crashes playing the old version with CM Patch 1.50. Age of Heroes changes many scripts, all of which needed to be updated for the new CM Patch. I also set it up to be used with the Generic Mod Enabler if desired. I haven't tested the new version extensively but there shouldn't be any problems. :)


As far as compatibility, I built in compatibility with the Elite Mounts mod for the new Age of Heroes. It should otherwise be compatible with most other mods, the exceptions being Survival Mod or any of the spell mods (Llama's Mod, Enhanced Spells, Diablo 2 Fallen, Wardust's Spells). I view all the spell mods as mutually exclusive. I think any combination (I.e., certain changes from one, certain changes from another) would have to be done by the end-user or another modder.

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