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Help me increase sight range?

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Greetings! I recently bought Sacred 2 on Steam and have mostly enjoyed it (as much as I have been able to play, at any rate), but there has been one consistent cause for unneeded strife:

Sight range.

I have tried ignoring the need to hug every wall and corner, and I've simply found myself unable (OCD at its finest. I also can't walk counterclockwise around the wall separating my kitchen from my living room). My hope is that, with the relative ease of modding the game, someone might know of a way to help me with this. I'm fairly certain the problem is the small sight range, as not seeing past the water's edge doesn't bother me as much as not being able to capture that last little bit of mountain range.

I don't know which possibility would work best, but I'm open to suggestions. A ring that adds +500% (or so) sight range on its own seems to be my best bet (I would be more happy just modding the base sight range of all characters to be significantly larger, but I can't seem to find a way to do so). I've seen the item editor, but it looks like you need to know the numeric codes of things before you can hope to change/add new items, and with the wiki down I have no idea where to begin.

Can someone please help me enjoy this game?

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Thank you, but what I meant was the sight range stat; the thing that reveals the map. For my physical sight range, I play the game at a pretty close isometric view, so ingame settings are more than adequate for me.

Granted, I'm still reading through the topic, but it doesn't appear to have anything to do with what I'm looking for.

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Wow, you really underestimated how difficult I thought this would be. From the research I had done on this prior to signing up to the forum (~8 hours of it) I was under the impression that hex editing (at the very least) would be involved.

This is peanuts. Thank you.

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