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2 new Sacred 3 previews (English)

sacred 3 previews screenshots video trailer

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#1 Flix


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Posted 13 July 2014 - 04:25 PM

Yes, I said I would stop following this game but here I am anyway.  I found 2 more short English previews for Sacred 3.  No new videos though, and I think the screenshots are more of the same, but here's the box art:




From Mousenjoypad:

At this point, most of the choices in Sacred 3’s design and gameplay are mind-boggling, but there’s one very simple explanation behind all this, and it comes in the way of the preview version’s control scheme. I played this early build of the game on PC, and couldn’t use keyboard/mouse because it’s currently not supported. I actually had to use the X360 controller. Make no mistake, Sacred 3 is a console-centric game with what seems to be a watered down RPG system reminiscent of Sacred Citadel. Still, I had great fun with what is a mostly bugless and stable game. The graphics are good enough, and post-processing makes everything seem really pretty, not to mention the lovely particle effects. As it currently stands, Sacred 3 is going to be a fun, if limited experience. I can see myself having an absolute blast with friends during the first play through, but I doubt I’ll look into it after that. This all could, of course, prove wrong by the time Sacred 3 goes gold. I sure hope so, because the combat system certainly makes it an engaging experience through and through. Too bad everything else seems to be going the wrong way.


From Calmdowntom:

I enjoyed my time with Sacred 3; it looks really good and plays well. The only real worry I have about the full version is the structure of it. It feels in a lot of ways like a half-step, like this game was built to join the co-op resurgence that we’re seeing in the industry and wanted to hit a middle ground between Sacred 2 and Sacred Citadel (a surprisingly good beat-em-up that came out last year). The lack of weapon and armour loot could definitely limit the replayability depending on how well the full skill tree and leveling is handled. It’s definitely a game to keep an eye on, especially if you’re into co-op heavy games but in a lot of ways it could be disappointing if you go in looking for a direct sequel to Sacred 2.


Basically just more confirmation of what we know, though I think the information that the game doesn't even support mouse and keyboard (yet) is new. 


Of course the Dragon Mage-type character isn't available in any of these previews since he's going to be pre-order/DLC.  They ought to take him off the cover.

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 07:17 PM

Of course the Dragon Mage-type character isn't available in any of these previews since he's going to be pre-order/DLC.  They ought to take him off the cover.

Thanks for the updates Flix! This does strike me as odd and lazy for whoever is in charge of promotional art. Lock a character down behind day one DLC but keep them as a main protagonist on the front cover?  Makes me think they went through some last minute changes to boost pre-sales.

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