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Season 5 Journey / Conquest Tips?

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Hi there,


for some reason I'm having a hard time completing the S5 Journey / Conquests , and I can't find much detailed info about how to speed or ease things up a little..

as I don't have that much time to play, and when I do, it's mostly solo or with friends, I'm only @ PL 500.


running rifts @ T10 occasionally in a 4 man public game sure helps, but I'm still missing certain items, upgrades, and resources :)


so, my WD with jade harvester set is currently stuck @ GR 56,

for the extra stash tab I'd still need GR 60 solo, and one more conquest:

only have completed avarice which was easy, even without finding a gilded baron, and had no luck in finding/mixing any gear that would work fast enough for "the thrill" one, which would be GR 45 solo without any set items)

how about sprinter? is it still hard to complete in a 4 man group, and what are the chances of completing it solo?

(might have to switch to a DH or Wizard then, I guess..)


greetings, bob

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this season I did the stashtabrun with demonhunter -> thrill+avarice

easiest way for wd thrill (did it season 4)-> jerams, both petrings, tasker and kukri ,aquilacuirass, mojo-> use whatever you've in ancient

cube: unity


good luck :)

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