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Elric of Grans

Did I mess-up my Seraphim?

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I am mostly playing my Wood Elf (cruising through Gold), but keep coming back to my Seraphim.  I struggled through the Goblin Lawn, but finally managed to reach Porto Vallum.  I am still struggling with the goblins, however, and Orc Champions are out of my league.  I wanted to check if I have completely messed up and need to restart, or if this is salvageable.

She is clvl19 in Silver.  I *think* I have split her attributes 14 Physical Regeneration and 5 Magical Regeneration, but I cannot be certain.

Her Skills are: Magic Lore (5), Weapon Lore (15+1), Concentration (14), Heavenly Magic (5+1), Constitution (9+4).  I was going to pick up Armour at 20, Agility at 30, and Meditation at 50.

Her Combat Arts are: Attack (1), Celestial Light (1), Combat Jump (1+2), Hard Hit (1), Rotating Blades of Light (2+1).  I was planning to add Light when I reach Undead and likely Strength of Faith when I have a fifth CA slot.

My play is to start by casting RBoL.  I keep mental track of the duration and pause fighting when it is close to running out.  When I enter combat I use Attack against most enemies (it regens right as it finishes) and Combat Jump against archers and casters.  I intended to use Celestial Light against groups, but currently the regen on it and RBoL are too long for that to be practical.  I picked up Hard Hit with the intention of later making a 4xHard Hit Combo (with lots of runes socketed) to use against tough enemies.

My biggest issue is staying alive.  When I fight three or more enemies I usually need to use a potion, sometimes two.  I still keep running out of potions all the time.  I tried fighting an Orc Champion just before, but used all my potions and only managed to knock-off half its health.  I keep socketing Vampire runes whenever I can, but have only managed 3% or 6% Life Leech at a time.  That said, I just had a sword drop with a lot of LL, but I am currently below its level requirement.

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Thank you for the advice.  It seems like it would take an awful lot of grinding to get her back on track.  It would probably be faster (given how early I am in the game) to just restart her.  I will use the Seraphim you are currently playing as a template this time.

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You can still get her in better shape, but yes, it may take time.

One thing you could do is to export this Seraphim, start a LAN Hack & Slash game and do some of the quests in Maskarrel and Braverock. There are a few quests that don't take you outside the city walls, thus are perfectly safe to do and giving  you quite some XP, gold, items and runes. Eventually you can unlock the portals in both cities, jump back to the starter's island to do some smithing and rune exchanging to have a better starting load out.

Works for a newly started character too, btw.


If you want to continue your character, without exporting it, try to do as many side quests as possible. It'll give you XP, occasinally let you fight, but with the skill and attribute points you gather you can make her stronger as well.

Goes for a new character too, just keep in mind that it's a good idea to NOT pick up the "rescue the novice" quest in Bellevue, but simply trigger it by entering the dungeon. Same can be done with the quest to kill that warg.

The Blacksmith quest does have to be started, however you don't need to talk to his wife. Instead, pick up the Burning Hatred quest as well, and head to the area the quest marker points. Since that blacksmith is under attack by goblins, it's two goblin(heart)s with one sword stroke. :D

And don't forget to check each and every well you see; while also talking to the guy standing near the Bellevue well where you pick up the first step of  the main quest. That guy and all wells give you free health potions, something you will always need.


In case you want to follow my story, my seraphim already died once because she got spammed by goblins spawned by multiple shamen. So even she isn't super strong - yet - and I do have to keep an eye out for her health bar.


And last but not least, some extra help:


Amazingly self promoting piece of writing. :D 


Thorin :D 

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I have found myself doing most side quests in Sacred (not so much in Sacred 2).  They are generally quick to do, and the rewards feel worth it.  I have always picked-up the Rescue the Novice quest, however.  Why is it best to trigger it by entering?

I knew you could get health potions from wells; I did not know an NPC gives you one in Bellevue.  I will speak to him next time!  I also did not know you could configure when the low-health prompt appears; I will change that next time I load (I always felt it was too low).

I started the Seraphim over and finished the start of Bronze (just shy of clvl7!).  This is the first time I have tried Dual Wield in Sacred (I used it plenty in Sacred 2).  I have a couple of questions about this.

Firstly, my perception is that the dual wield attack speed is the same for swords, axes, etc.  Am I right?  If so, any good single-handed weapon would be a legitimate option, right?

Secondly, is it better to stack weapons with the same damage (eg two physical+magical) or mix damage types (eg a physical+magical with a physical+fire)?  I read somewhere that dual wield averages the damage for both swings rather than using the individual weapon that is animated.  I have no idea what that would mean when the damage types are different.

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That quest used to bugged or a timed one - I'm not certain which of the two - sometimes resulting in being unable to rescue that novice because she's dead. So by triggering the quest the moment you enter the cave system is more safe.

Same thing goes for the Adelina quest and a few others; triggering it by accepting the quest may occasionally result in a dead subject and thus being unable to complete the quest.

Another one I remember which is timed, is the quest to deliver eggs to someone in the desert; a quest I believe you pick up in Porto Draco. Fastest way to get there is to get to Maskarel and take the portal there, however usually I'm so busy doing side quests that I notice I had that quest when  the "Quest failed!" shows up on my screen. :Just_Cuz_21:


As for DW weapons, it doesn't really matter how you equip them.

This game got weapons with additional poison, but also a poison-magic and poison-fire option.

Same goes for magic and fire; the Enlightened Iron for instance is having both.

So you could set up weapons using only one additional damage in three slots and use the other two slots with combinations to your liking. That's the advantage of having 5 weapon slots; you got quite some combinations; including single handed weapons and shields, 2 handed weapons or even ranged weapons. However, with the last three you may lack some attack speed, as you will focus at Dual Wield.


Thorin :) 

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I am hoping I could get some advice around fliers.  These were trivial with my Wood Elf, but seem a lot tricker with the Seraphim.

My current Seraphim is clvl20 (almost 21) and has just finished doing the side-quests at Faries Crossing (about to move onto Crow's Rock Castle).  It has been slow going and difficult, but this is the furthermost I have taken a Seraphim before.  I had some difficulty with the Family Ties quest.  The wizard and harpy went down easily enough, but the little dragon-thingie was a PITA.  Once it would start flying I would take huge damage and was uncertain whether or not I was doing any damage to it.

I ended up taking a slow approach to it.  I would run away until it focused on Wilbur.  Once the dragon-thingie knocked him out it would land, so I would use my 1 x Combat Jump/3 x Heavy Hit Combo to jump in and deal some quick damage.  It would take off again, so I would run away and repeat.  It took several minutes to defeat, and this strategy will not work when I fight more fliers later in the game.  There would obviously be a better way to deal with these guys.  What is the way you are supposed to deal with flying enemies?

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