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Sacred's hidden influence?

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6 hours ago, Thorin Oakshield said:

For a while I've been playing a game called "Enderal: Forgotten Stories", a stand-alone mod based upon the old (32bit) Skyrim engine; which I downloaded from Steam.


From what I've gathered, this game is in fact a successor of the earlier "Nehrim: At Fate's Edge", which was based upon TES IV "Oblivion". And looking at the site, it seems there are either more titles in the works or being released using older Elder Scrolls engines.


Now, while doing one of the faction quest lines in "Enderal", I had to enter a temple where I encountered a very familiar kind of vegitation and environment.

No, not because I've spend quite some time in Skyrim, but because it reminded me of the Blood Forest in Sacred 2.


See for yourself:

Enderal temple interiour


Abishai fortress


(Had to use a wiki screenshot as I don't have one myself. Sorry for that).


Now, while knowing that Sacred 2's main dev's were from Germany, knowing that Nehrim was originally a mod voiced and subtitled in German - giving me the impression the modders are Germans or very familiar with it - I'm wondering if one or more of those modders have played Sacred 2 and decided to give it its honour by adding something from that game into their mod?


Either way, it was nice to see something from a game I've liked and still like so much return in an even more spookier way.



Thorin :) 

The color palette certainly is similar... as well as those veinular outgrowths that spook/creep me out.. never quite thought of this before, but the last war of the worlds featuring Tom Cruise had a landscape comprised of regurgitated humans that gives me the same feel


I guess its the "thump" of blood pulsing through the land




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