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Lets create a guild for Requiem!

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Thanks for the invite tonight guys.


I love the name "Dark Knights" :)


I hope to be able to devote some serious gaming time to Requiem this weekend so I can level up and join you guys :)


My Soul Hunter is actually starting to kick some butt :hugs:



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So well done, guys. And the Clan chat feature, just rocks. With so much differing levels, It was getting kind of difficult to keep staying in the party, while not being able to hook up with locals that were doing the same quest as me, and thereby profit from the faster gain in monster counter hits.


With this new feature, we can both play in local parties, while keeping the chat going.


I think you guys may be in trouble...I do like to talk







p.s Does anyone have a pic of what we look like with the new clan tag? lol, I was trying to see it last night before I had to shut down for bed, but, aieeeeeeee...missed it :gogo:

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