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Level 75 Unskilled Character Pack (Niobium Campaign) v1.0

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About This File

Inside this file you'll find seven savegames, one for each character class. All of the savegames are for level 75 campaign characters with Niobium access, with zero skill points and stat points assigned. Each has eaten one rune of each available CA so that all are available from the start, and each one's personal stash features the three basic complete sets for each aspect.


Each character was created as is with the standard class name and deity, while alignments were made to be sort of 50/50 Light Campaign/Dark Campaign between the seven classes. Expert Touch is enabled, Hardcore Mode is disabled and they all start with 10 million worth of gold. Most of these aspects, more importantly their names and using Expert Touch or not, can be easily changed with Sacred 2 Character Editor.


You can freely assign skill and stat points, as well as start in any of the difficulty levels the games has. I've hard tested these saves and they work just fine with levelling up. Also your campaign progress will be saved so you can "start" the game at level 75 or just field test builds at higher difficulty levels. Have fun!

What's New in Version v1.0   See changelog


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What makes this download so incredible is that any character may be played from level 75 and from any tier Bronze to Niob. Many times I have rushed to the Niob level because it's the best place to farm for armor, shields, weapons, and jewelry with the best item modifiers, attributes, and skill level and Combat Art boosts. To make it even sweeter one may try out a seemingly endless array of builds for any character type. That's why I gave this the highest rating possible.


However, I have one small request, Androdion. Would you make me a no-skills level 75 Niob Capable High Elf for the Light Campaign? I'm not so much into "bad girls"... well maybe just a bit naughty, if you know what I mean.

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That would mean a big overhaul in this file, since I'd have to change it in order to accommodate each two versions of the Light/Dark campaign for the characters that can choose either one. But then I'd have to do the same for each deity and so on and so forth. I can do the HE "custom made" for you, but I don't have it in me cover all the different angles. It would be terribly time consuming.


I'll probably do a guide for the Character Editor though, so that everyone that checks this file can more easily do it themselves. ;)

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