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Seraphim were made to watch over the world. Each of them had the ability to call down 'favours' from the Gods. The Seraphim were protected by holy magic to ensure they would not fall to the Darkness, but one of them escaped before she could be 'blessed', not wanting to become a mindless minion. It was not long before she was ensnared by a Dark Being. She was unprepared to resist its power but instead of killing her the Being offered her a choice. The choice, to live freely and be undetectable by the Gods at the cost of her Light. Having no better option the Seraphim agreed and her Light was gone, instead Darkness embraced her and branded her. She became the Fallen Angel, a Seraphim whose light was dim, armed with the powers of the Underworld, and an indomitable spirit. Though her purpose remained unknown the pact she made with that Entity will forever haunt her mind, what if she had not escaped? Would she truly be an artificial being with no thoughts and emotions? Or would she be just like now... but bright and not dark. 

Changed whatever I could;    
    - BeeEffGee bolts 
    - Irritation
    - Lightning Bolt
    - Light Shield
    - Celestial Light symbol
    - Strength of Faith 
    - Energy Bolts
    - Sparks for Combat Arts when striking enemies
    - New Weapon Glow


Here is a video: 


Edited by VilyaTheWhite

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Thanks to Ysendra's work I found the texture files I was missing. Therefore the Fallen Angel is now truly Fallen. Her spells now have an errie red glow

Recolored: Rotating Blades of Light, Light, Conversion

Sudden Changes: Due to the glowing effect recolored a lot of her spells now feature red-ish glow such as Celestial Light, Energy bolts instead of the basic blue-white glow.

Note: Due to these changes you may experience some objects (such as lanterns, torches) with a red glow. The red lamps though add some much needed color for the night, I warned you.


- Vilya



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