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Not all of the elves followed the path of righteousness... Some strayed off the path and joined the Dark Elves, some elevated themselves above the Ice Elves, and some remained loyal to their heritage. But one's heart was touched by Darkness. From an early age her presence caused the vegetation to wither. Often she was seen holding a purple rose that soon withered by her touch. The elves cast her out and named her The Withered Rose. She disappeared for a while and lived within the caves of the world until one day a Dark Elf found her, this Dark Elf shown her that all things in life have a secret meaning. She took up her bow embraced her gift of Darkness and set out with the Rouge Dark Elf to cleanse the world from the Deciever. 


- Transformation
- Thorn Bush 
- Recuperation
- Poisoned Tendrils
- Plant Cage
- Companion of the Woods (if player requires it, they will summon a gargoyle whose texture can be changed instead of the Unicorn)
- Call of the Ancestors
- Most of her Bow skills have a new purple-ish glow 


- Vilya



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